Sunday, May 14, 2006

Welcome to Indianapolis Indiana, Home of the Indy 500

Well, it is Sunday night, 11:05pm Indianapolis time. I have “arrived” and really hate the fact that hotels like the Wyndham Indianapolis charge $9.95 for 24 hours of internet access. What a waste! Especially when you can get a whole MONTH of high speed for $40. So here I am in my room, at the computer for the first time since Friday evening, missing the Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives “season finales” (Don’t worry, they are being recorded back home) and I totally can’t even blog. Doesn’t THAT suck? Well the day is almost over so I am NOT buying internet for tonight only. No way. I don’t even think I am going to buy any, I will just drive around tomorrow night till I find some.

Tomorrow my class starts at 8:30, which is tolerable, but we have to register at 8. The class site is only about one block away, so that is awesome. That’s why I picked that hotel, even though we get raped on the Internet access. INTERNET SHOULD BE FREE IN HOTELS!

So this weekend was LONG. We went to Chicago for the Cubs game Saturday and I have pictures and stories to tell but I need to go to sleep tonight, so I will blog about that later. It doesn’t matter anyway because I can’t even publish this tonight. I am all settled in and “unpacked” and My big King sized Bed with 4 king sized pillows is beckoning me. It is so strange and quiet here, there are only like 8 cars in the parking lot and we are set way back off the road in what looks like a golf course filled with landscaping, fountains, and trees. It’s quiet in my room and we already checked out the bar, Jacuzzi, pool, exercise room, and restaurant… and found the ice and vending machines on the floor below us.

I noted that while my room is nice, my smoke detector looks older than me, and I am less than thrilled. But I am on the second floor and fully prepared to throw that floor lamp through the window and tie sheets together and climb down to safety, with those king sized pillows tossed below to stop me from landing in the broken window glass. I Have a Plan. (In case of emergency.)

Well, since I have spent 6.5 hours in the car today, as a passenger, I am tired. My butt hurts. My neck hurts. If I were rich I would totally go get a massage. But I am not. So off to bed with me so I can get up in the morning.

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