Sunday, May 07, 2006

McVet sure wins my vote!

You know, Where the fuck does McDreamy get off? Jackass. It is my opinion that Meredith was way too easy on him. And I am glad for McVet. I am glad he is so patient and he understands. He's probably better for her anyway. And usually I am not a huge Meredith Cheerleader, but come on. And even Alex stepping up and doing a C-Section. I can't believe there are only two more episodes this season. I guess I will have to watch my season 1 DVD that husband bought me, if I feel a withdrawl coming on. But maybe I can get more stuff done on Sunday nights without having to be glued to the TV.

Since being off work for 4 days, I am not thrilled about going back on Monday. Especially since we have a busy week ahead of us with technology related things which I cannot explain in case I do the terrible and revel "workplace operations in my blog" which will get me fired, just like naming my "workplace" or even saying what type of business I work in because "someone might figure out what town I work in based on the town I live in and therefore decude where I work." **cough cough.**

So now I will go watch the first half of Desperate Housewives and my TIVO'd episodes of Crossing Jordan and Friday night's Conviction, gotta catch my sharp chin guy fix of the week.

Have a lovely evening. Can't wait to show off my new haircut/color on the blog... maybe someday....

:) Meagan

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Michelle said...

Sure wish we had Tivo - we got home late last night (after midnight) and forgot about Crossing Jordan. Fill me in!

[m]att™ said...

I love McVet, it is agreed. I was soo upset about McDreamy's treatment of Meredith that I almost turned off the TV.

Alex is definately growing on me like a moss. I used to hate him, but that C-section moment made me sob. I was doing the whole "ugly cry thing" when he took over and decided to do it. He's my hero.

McDreamy can rot in hell.

Anonymous said...

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