Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Cubbies Here I Come!

I am excited for a Wednesday evening! Saturday I am going to see the Cubbies! Yeah! if it doesn't rain.... we will be watching the Cubs versus Padres at Wrigley Field on Saturday.... and my friend Angie is going too! Yeah! I am still waiting to see if husband can go too. PG Is a season ticket holder, and he lives a little less than 7 miles from the field. We will meet PG and go to the game and then to club lucky for dinner. I love Club Lucky. The last time we ate there was in December, and it was decorated all Christmas-y and we were celebrating that we had just gotten engaged (two years ago, can it BE that long ago?) The last time I was up, Angie and I met PG at his condo and we ate at Feast on Damen. Which was also awesome. I love love love to visit the city....

So anyway, the forecast says 40% chance of rain. Cross your fingers that it doesn't rain out the game and That the weather is nice and we don't get too much lake-effect chill! I can't wait!

Gotta make sure my pink Cubs shirt is clean now!

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Matthew Carver said...

Go Cubs! I love basball, my dad played double a ball for two yaers and one season in the majors. He played along side Cal ripken sr. and my mother baby sat Cal Ripken Jr. I'll pray for good weather for ya'll.
Just a Redneck hangin out with Jesus.

Anonymous said...

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