Saturday, May 06, 2006

Mother's Day Cards Made...

Well, We got a few mother's day cards done today. I made one for Mom and Grandma, and Evan made one for his mom and one for each of his grandmas.

I got to try the new non-smear pastels and some new stamps. Check out the resulting card pictures here!

You can also see the 8x8 gift album that I made for my Friend Carrie who is due in July. Her husband is in Iraq with the Air Force and will be gone while the baby is born. She is active duty reserves right now, was in the air force. I wanted her to have something she could just slap the pictures into. She hasn't seen it yet... but it will be on it's way to her this week, just in time for mother's day!

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Haleigh Anne said...

That is awesome that Evan makes cards with you. I quilt and my husband says he wants to make one. We are in the process of finding a pattern that he likes. The cards look great!

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