Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Penelope Salad Tastefully Simple

Well, today I left work 2 hours early (that's 5pm for me) and went to a Tastefully Simple party in Sheffield. I bought lots o stuff, like Garlic Garlic, Key Lime Pie Mix (2), Tuscan Cheese Ball Mix, Wheat Beer Bread, and Fiesta Dip Mix. Yum.

Then Mom and I stopped at 6&34 so that she could have a beer and I could grab a salad for supper. (more on salads later) and then we went to her house where I worked on her computer for a while and saw Penelope, the calf. Although Penelope is a boy... that's what dad calls him... don't even ask.

When I got home Evan had gotten groceries and put them all away. SO I decided to blog a bit.

About the whole "salad" thing. The Indianapolis trip made me feel so bloated and icky. I tried to eat as good as possible and stuck to the south beach phase II the whole time, but eating out every meal and living in a hotel room and sitting in class all day doesn't do much for slimming down and ease of digestion. Even though I did walk on the treadmill in the hotel one night and went for a walk outside the second night, it wasn't the same.

So when I got home I have been pretty strict with myself, and besides the occasional ice cream, I am about as close to Phase 1 as you can get. In the time since I have gotten back, every meal in the past week (except two dinners) has been a salad. That's all I have been eating. And I have started a pretty heavy walking pattern, of an hour a night, very quick paced with the arm movements, and even though halfway through I am feeling it in my legs, I keep pushing. The iPod is really helping... and walking by myself without anyone to talk to me or dogs to entangle me helps too. So every single day this week I have walked 1 hour a day.

I am still hanging around 17 pounds lost, but I have lost more water and that bloating feeling that I had gained along with my 3 or so pounds from Indianapolis. The doctor's goal for me is 13 more pounds, we are hoping by July. That is totally do-able. But I really need to kick up the excercise, which I feel I am doing. - to get past this plateau... And I can do better. So if I can lose 13 more, that will put me at 30 pounds lost since I started South Beach on February 23rd (my mom's 50th birthday.)

I uploaded lots more photos to flickr... of Penelope, of family, and of Easter. So go on over and check them out.

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lysie6211 said...

Good luck! I lost 30 on the SB (too bad I gained 15 back) ahem. Once you get past Phase 1 it's pretty easy and I didn't even want to eat some of the stuff you weren't allow in 1 but in 2 for fear of gaining weight. You really are addicted to some of that stuff!

dazed said...

Thanks! You are so right! I have been in Phase 2 for over 2 months but I hardly ever eat pasta or any bread unless it is a wrap- and when I do have pasta or a slice of bread it is whole wheat or multi-grain, and it's like once a week or once every two weeks that I have a small serving. As soon as I eat that stuff I start to gain weight and I feel all puffy and bloated, so I try to steer clear. It's not so bad! I am pretty sure that I will have to be on this for the rest of my life if I want to keep off the weight. Being pre-diabetic and insulin resistent at this point it's just the way it is for me.

Anonymous said...

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