Monday, May 08, 2006

Shit. Shit. Shit. Online Banking Woes.

I do a LOT of online banking and bill paying. Today I am frustrated. Late Friday night or early Saturday morning, I transferred some money from one account to the other, online, to cover a large debited payment that I had coming through. The transfer completed. I got a confirmation. I could see one account's balance decrease by $100 and the other increase by $100. It was showing up on the history of the account as a pending transfer. It was there on Sunday. And today, when I go to the account, It has disappeared. DISAPPEARED! I called the bank and asked them where it was. They had me call another branch and get the accounting department. Apparently they can't see it either. The tone of voice that I got from the lady I spoke with led me to think that she didn't believe me. they told me that a $270 debit was going to be returned as a result. I explained that I was "100% sure the transfer went through and that I could see it on both accounts, and could see it still there on Sunday." and she said "I will have to investigate and get back to you." Whenever they say get back to you, they never call back. So now I am in a panic about what they will discover, what if they can't see the transfer on their system at all? Will I be considered at fault? Of course I don't do a screenshot every time I transfer money. I don't do a printout. This happened to me once before and I kicked myself for not having a screenshot or writing down the transaction number. But I do so much online stuff, I hate to have to write down each transfer. I am so frustrated and stressed out about this. I told her that if she can't see the transfer, I need her to make the transfer anyway. She said she will "get back to me" and I said "TODAY?!" and she said Yes. God I hope so.

UPDATE: an hour later, I looked online and saw that the transfer was showing up again. Whew. But the $270 debit was still being returned. WhAT! Don't panic. Don't panic. She will fix it. 15 minutes later I checked again. The return item charge of $30 as credited back to my account, but the debit was still being returned. Aahhhh! Fix It! Fix It! God I hope they don't return it! Ugh!

UPDATE #2! : Yeah! The bank called me! It was a banking error and a problem in their system that they weren't even aware of until I called to report it. They even thanked me for reporting it so they could start fixing the problem ASAP. Whew! They are contacting the company who would be in charge of the $270 debit and preventing it from being returned.... and I am A-OK and in the CLEAR! YEAH! Yippee!

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