Thursday, May 18, 2006

Missing HNT ~ Welcome Home!

Dear people.

I know I haven't done HNT and I am sorry. I was going to take a "welcome home" picture last night but the camera was somewhere in the suitcase I hadn't unpacked and it was 12:45am and in Indianapolis time it would have been 1:45am... which meant I had been awake for 18 hours and 45 minutes, taken an 8 hour class, driven 4 hours in a heavy downpour, been a jam-packed semi sandwich on the expressway around Chicago during rush hour, refrained from screaming at a nervous backseat (passenger side) driver, came home to a house that look like a tornado hit (exactly as I left it of course), installed a 1 gig memory chip in my laptop, snuck cigarettes to someone who needed them, ate a taco salad, took a bath with full shaving, and I literally could not bring myself to unpack the suitcase and take a picture. I. Was. Exhausted.

So this is what will be forever known as the "missing" HNT, which will consist of no picture (lame, eh?) and no Meagan.... due to sheer lack of organization, and pure exhaustion. And did I MENTION how busy work was today?

I can not WAIT for the weekend! YEAH!

I will need to clean and organize the house, get back to normal (or perhaps I should say "better than normal" before the cleaning people come on Monday) and then I have a graduation open house to decide if I will attend, and to study for my HDA certification test which I assume will be on Tuesday of next week. I got a 91% on the practice exam the last day of class. I read all the questions twice, some of them 3 times. They give you like an hour and a half to take the test and I finished the practice test (which has 21 more questions than the actual certification) in about 25 minutes, and I pretty much know which ones I missed and which ones I need to study. So hopefully after a weekend of studying, I will do really well on the certification.

I also need to help a friend install a sound card in their PC, and I have to clean the scrapbook room, which is a disaster. And my parents need antivirus installed. So I will have a full weekend. A really full weekend! And it will be nice to see husband. I saw him for a couple of hours last night, and we got to sleep in the same bed, which hasn't happened for a week or so, since I have been gone) and so that was just comforting. It's nice to be HOME! I like to be able to use my own bathroom, sleep in my own bed, drive my own car, get up and my regular time instead of two-and-a-half hours early. AND I like to not live out of a suitcase (although I still am since I am not unpacked yet) and I like to use my own towels that are actually big enough to wrap around my body, and it's good to see my hairy shedding stinky dogs too. And I like to eat at home, instead of restraunt after restraunt until your stomach feels like it might explode.

I may add to this later, but for now, That's All Folks!

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