Sunday, May 28, 2006

Don't Try and Stop Me

Meet my new partner in crime. Ortho's "season Long" Grass and Weed Killer. Watch out you SOB weeds. It's all over for you! At around 7:30pm I went outside and I soaked those bastard weeds and grasses in my driveway, around the dog kennel, in the sidewalk cracks, by the front stairs.... Yeah!

Now it can't rain for 6 hours. {**hope hope hope**}

It was super cool and easy to use, there is no unscrewing of the lid, you just pull out the sprayer and unravel the attached hose, and there is a little red attachment piece that just snaps right into that white "flip top" in the cap. You don't even have to pry open the flip top, just snap it in and then flip it open. Great because your hands don't get any chemicals on them. There is a spray and a stream setting which is nice, and I used both. I think the trigger could be a little more friendly, but I suppose they don't want to make it "too easy" for safety's sakes, especially in a home with kids.

Supposed to see full results in 3-5 days with no return grass and weeds for about 2-4 months. Sounds good to me. Now we wait.... and twiddle our thumbs.

Husband bought me that because I have been in such a pissy-ass mood today. He has no idea but I am still pissed that he left me last night to go back to Joe's. P-I-S-S-E-D. And also pissed that he said he would get up at 10am and he woke up at 12:45pm. Yeah. I was so pissed that we were planning on going to Menard's and I decided at the last minute to stay home. I was reading my book "labyrinth" by Kate Mosse (deemed the female DaVinvi Code) and I get tired so I fell asleep in the AC from 3pm-6pm when he came back with weed killer in tow and new stuffed toys for the dogs. I woke up and made myself a Taco Salad for my first meal of the day (6:30pm, even though I have been "up" since 8am) and watched some Mind of Mencia and some Family Guy reruns.

So, since it is Sunday it's my regular Grey's/Housewives night where I clean house and do laundry and dishes, but I don't want to do any of that since I don't have to work tomorrow. But it's too hot to walk just yet, and my friends are all either far away or totally sitting on their asses in their own AC. My parents and sister are crashed in front of the Nascar race... so it looks like it will be another night of laundry and dishes. Bah Humbug. Maybe I can do something crafty. I dunno. I just feel so cranky and unmotivated. Jobs like killing (weeds) are good for my agression right now I think. I probably need to find more agressive jobs... I just don't feel like "attacking" the housework will do it for me. Well, maybe after I have calmed down a bit I will be more likely to go for it. Who knows.


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ruben said...

What a great blog and a small, small world! We just saw Mencia live a few weeks ago and he was laugh out loud funny! Also, my Megan is way hooked on Grey but has yet to make her way to Wisteria lane.

Please keep in touch. Your blog is awesome and your adventures are addicting!

[m]att™ said...

I am going out and buying that stuff. I have some garantuan(sp?) weeds that I need to kill ! I also have a huge ant colony under two of my potted plants, any idea how I can kill those ? They seemed to have larvae too, it was disgusting. I've moved the pots, but thats it. SEND REINFORCEMENTS !

Anonymous said...

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