Sunday, May 28, 2006

Cookout and Hosta transplanting.

Yesterday after lunch we attended a cookout at Evan's grandma Marie's. We were celebrating Aaron's 35th birthday. Aaron is Evan's cousin, and he and his wife Brenda came up with their daughter Anya who just graduated pre-school.

The cookout was nice but I have to tell you it was HOTTER than HELL yesterday. The humidity was so high, if you moved you were sweating. I sat on the couch in my skirt and bra for an hour before we left, because I couldn't bring myself to move or put on a shirt in case I sweat through it before we even left. We didn't turn the air on, we were trying to be brave. It didn't last long. It was 90 at least, and with the humidity I don't even want to guess how hot it felt.

We were scheduled to eat at 1, and we had our food in tow, and when we got there, we were waiting for a while for everyone to arrive, some family members got sidetracked installing window AC units for grandparents who were needing some relief from the heat. So even though everyone arrived by about 2:30 or 3, we didn't eat until almost 4, which was agony to someone who hadn't eaten for about 24 hours... but at least we had munchies, and I brought veggies, which I could eat, and there were cheese and crackers. For lunch/Dinner I had italian beef with no bun, broccoli salad, and fruit salad. And I was full. It's hard to eat when it's so hot. I had a couple of glasses of Sangria and then some 7-up.

It did finally cool off a bit later, but not much. When we got home from the cookout at around 6:30 I instantly stripped down and laid on the bed under the ceiling fan. After about an hour and still sweating, and not being able to move, I turned on the AC. I couldn't take it! And then Evan called and said we were going to see the DaVinci Code with John and Amethyst, (see the next post) and it was much easier to get ready for the third time that day without sweating my ass off. After the movie we went to a little siesta at Joe's, where they had a fire. Everyone was much younger than me (as usual) and I was just out of place (as usual) so husband took me home, and much to my annoyance, went back without me. So I was in bed at 2:45am.... and awake at 8am. WTF! Then I couldn't sleep because I was so pissed that he was in the spare bedroom rolling his sweaty ass all over the clean bedding, and so I got up and decided today would be as good of day as any to move my hostas. So I got dressed in a tank top and shorts and proceeded to sweat my ass off for 1.5 hours in the heat- it's already 90 and excessively humid at 9am. Ridiculous. Thank god the air is on. If it quits, we are moving.

First I dug up 8 of the 12 Hostas that I wanted to move. Then I came inside and washed my hands and took a 10 minute breather. Then I asked husband when he was going to get up (just to make the point that I was awake and doing manual labor at 8am even though I went to bed at 2:45 and so that he could remember that he is a slacker and I am kicking ass without him.) He whined and moaned and finally growled 10am (waking up my husband is like filing Freddy Kruger's nails.) What can I say, I am a glutton for punishment.

So I went back outside with renewed energy (aka pissed that my husband didn't seem the least bit fazed by my digging in the 9o degree heat and pissed that he was probably oblivious to the heat while lying in the AC in his boxers) and dug 8 holes and planted 8 hostas. By the time I was done with that I was sweating so bad that it was burning my face so I came inside, washed my hands, cranked up the AC and downed a bottle of water. I tried to call my mom to chat about the hostas, my hostility, and the DaVinci Code movie, but instead I ended up waking up my dad who then couldn't find my mom. We both suffer from husbands who think it is their destiny to sleep in, although I have to give my dad some credit, he does work 2nd shift and drive an hour to work each way. But still. I went to bed at 2:45 am and I was up at 8.

The peonies are blooming, yesterday and today they have been opening in a mad frenzy. It's bizarre. So much yard work to be done but based on the weather, it will all have to be early am and late pm grooming. So now I am blogging and trying to cool down and not be pissed off all day that husband is sleeping like a freaking baby. Story of my life.

Cookout photos here.
Peony and Hosta photos here

I still have to rearrange some of the hostas that are where I dug "up" the moved hostas. They need to be split and rearranged to fill the gaps... and there are about 5 more to move. But not today. Maybe tonight or tomorrow am.

Oh and at the cookout, my ever policitically correct and ultimately tactful brother-in-law said to me "Your yard looks nice, but you really need some round-up in your driveway." Oh really, I hadn't NOTICED and there isn't a chance that I have been telling my husband that for a mOnTh and there's no chance that every year since we moved her 6 years ago when the damn drive gets sprayed it is ME that does it. Not a chance. Really B-I-L? I Never even noticed. But the real deal is that we need more white rock, and desperately have for two years now and I have been begging and pleasing and saying I will pay for it and keep getting told "no" or "we will see." So the fact that I have to spray roundup weekly is just like splitting open your head and asking for a fucking band-aid. Sometimes, it takes every fiber of my being to not go fucking BeZerK!

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