Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I ran home for lunch today and I almost died got ran into twice on the 8 minute drive there. On Park Avenue West a car crossed over the center line. he/she was not even a car length away from me and suddenly came right over into my lane so that I only had half a lane left. I just about had to jump the curb near park tavern to get out of the way but the driver suddenly started paying attention and jerked back across the center line. Damn.

Then in Wyanet on my way back from lunch, some guy in a red ford truck was really wanting to back out and I could see that he was looking to his left but never ever checked the rightside, which of course was where I was driving, on the ROAD and I stopped. He started backing. He didn't look. He kept backing. I honked and he looked my direction, with this look on his face like- Oh, does the traffic come from both ways? I was like "oy." And I just smiled at him. Good thing I am paying attention because apparently no one else was.

By lunchtime I had already discussed software firewalls with 3 people, and none of them were at my work, or job related. Apparently there are a lot of people worried about firewalls today.

The hardest thing about work today was the giant leftover, chocolate graduation cake in the fridge that a co-worker brought to share. And I am not supposed to eat. Because of South Beach. Because the doctor said lost 30 pounds. Because it would be healthy. So today I am telling myself that chocolate cake causes cancer. It is the only thing that will (maybe) stop me.

I have been lately wishing (sometimes) that this was one of those high tech and well respected Gadget Blogs where I reviewed a new gadget every couple of days. And not just because I love to review gadgets. But because I want some companies to start sending me free gadgets to review... because I kick ass at that. And I am honest. And I am a good advertiser. Like, why can't they send me an ipod Nano, and maybe a Canon Digital Rebel, and perhaps a new Xbox or a Gameboy Advance. I used to have a lime green Gameboy Color and tons of games and I LOVED that thing. LOVED it. But after moving into my own house I sold it for big bucks on eBay right before Christmas.... because I didn't have time to play it and some child was very happy with all the pokemon games and accessories that came with it under the tree.

So how do I get started reviewing kick ass electronic and computer products? Sony? Apple? Kodak? Start sending your shit my way. I will try anything once. Just email me and we can chat. I promise a great big long review. Promise!

And maybe I could get some Free make-up and some Rice-a-roni up in here. I can review that shit to! Deoderant? Shampoo? Toilet Paper? Tennis Shoes? I can review it ALL! Valvoline? Tires? You name it. You send it and I will review it.

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Trish said...

I've read your blog a few times... I like reading blogs at extrapounds.com when I am at work and someone brings in something. Sort of helps keep you on track. Just thought I'd share since you are doing the South Beach

Kristi said...

I work in a department of seven women and talk about left-over showers/birthdays/anniversaries. Gives a whole new meaning to self control.

I don't know about all that other stuff, but I got hooked up with some free feminine products to review. Uh-huh, jealous, aren't ya!

Michelle said...

You kill me! If I knew your address I would send a box of rice-a-roni for you to review!

dazed said...


thanks. I shouldn't eat Rice a Roni on South Beach anyway, but it was the first thing that comes to mind! LOL

:) M

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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