Sunday, May 21, 2006

Unhappy Endings... Piss me off.

Can there BE no season finale happiness? Oh the scandal! Between Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives, not to mention The O.C., I am more than a little frustrated that someone had to die on each episode. Why! I am sure that some of it is attributed to actors moving on and leaving the show. But for god's sakes! Can't Someone have a happy ending?

Carlos sleeping with the housekeeper/surrogate, Tom and Lynette dealing with a crazy and obviously immature mother of his first child, Matthew being shot by a sniper while trying to kill Brie, Mike hit by a car by crazy Orson, who is obviously trying to hide his true identity, and in the meantime Susan's house burnt to a crisp by that spiteful bitch Edie and waiting for Mike who never shows. And they never show if he is dead or alive. Makes me wonder if he might be looking for work elsewhere and they leave it hanging till he decides... but how frustrating is all this pain and suffering?! I want at least ONE happy ending! Jeez! Now I guess I will have to watch something else, and see if I can get some satisfaction from that!

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keda said...

thanks for that. as we are a few episodes behind here, theres no point me watching the last few shows now is there!? allah hallah!

Anonymous said...

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