Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Put Your Dukes Up....

READ this post first. So you know what the hell I am talking about. Okay?

I totally burned leaves last night. 14 piles of them. So did my "other" Neighbor. We'll call him "Neighbor X." Neighbor X was burning when I got home, which was totally ironic, so I thought what the hell, might as well all burn at once and get it over with. And while neighbor X was burning, guess who was outside chatting with him, in the smoke from his leaf pile? Yep. None other than "mom" who is supposedly ALLERGIC to leaves and whom I made sick for DAYS after I burned leaves a few weeks ago. And she is STANDING outSIDE in the SMOKE?!

And her kid showed up over at my house wielding a rake. He commented that his mom would be "mad that he was over here cuz he will smell like smoke" and I wanted to say, well than GO HOME! Finally when the wind shifted a bit and the smoke curled more in the direction of the "mom"s house. Son was trying to rake the pile as if it would prevent the smoke from going that direction.

Son said "You'd better watch out for my mom"

and I thought Oh christ. Don't TELL me who to watch out for. She'd better watch out for ME. Because I know my rights and I was here first and I am NOT going to put up with this crap.

So I said (finally, after biting my tongue through all his previous comments.) "Burning leaves is not illegal. I am doing nothing wrong. There is no burn ordinance here."

and son replied with "there isn't? Well when we used to live in State W (just north of here), there was a law that said you couldn't burn leaves."

and I said "not here. There isn't even a law that says WHEN you can burn them. the only law here is that you Can't burn garbage."

Son "You can't burn garbage? Really? I didn't know that!"

Me (thinking to myself....) REALLY ?! Is that why you burn your fucking garbage in your burn barrel all the time even though it is AGAINST the LAW in Town? Hmmmm.... Who's in the wrong now? Huh?

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Michelle said...

well i guess it was nice of son (S-O-B hehehe) to help rake but I don't think I could've as kind as you - hopefully he'll run home to *B* and tell all

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