Saturday, April 29, 2006

Lil Garden and Pond Hole

When I got home Friday, Husband had the new lil garden planted. It's a little "deeper" than it looks in that picture, check out the other pictures here. And a new flowerbed dug out and tilled and mulched. We planted lots of flower seeds behind the crabapples in the new little flower bed. Then we spent the rest of the night pulling weeds along the whole east side of the house and unloaded and spread a whole pickup bed load of mulch. The pond is still "missing" and we need to dig the hole out and put the liner back in. Baby steps. Then we took the dogs for a R-I-D-E (always spelled because they won't leave us alone for DAYS if we say it out loud) in the old white truck, back to the farm where we walked around and sniffed (the dogs, I walked, they sniffed) While husband filled the truck with more mulch with the loader tractor.

And now, it rains. All weekend.

Grow Garden Grow.
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