Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Got Some Cash to Burn?

Yes folks, it's the official "Rip Off Of the Day"

A pillow case on ebay, and the bidding starts at $19.99

Yep. One Pillow Case. I don't care if it IS pottery barn and if it IS a discontinued pattern, when you can buy the whole damn sheet set on ebay for $34, why would you settle for a $19.00 pillowcase? This seller needs their head screwed on straight.... or even worse... the buyer (if there is one) needs a kick in the ass.

Check it out

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pamperedjenn said...

Did you happen to check out her other auctions. She has two pillow shams up for $69.95. It looks like she bought a ton of stuff at pottery barn and is reselling it.

Michelle said...

Holy Moses - thats crazy!

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