Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Meagan the dog lover strikes again...

Tonight at 10:30, when we let the dogs outside, a "stranger" dog wandered into the yard and our dogs started playing with him. He's a malamute/siberian husky of some sort, all white/cream with silvery eyes. (that's not him in the picture but he looks like that) He is super sweet and nice. He doesn't sit on command, but he loved me and came right up to me so I could pet him. He also appeared to have walked on a leash before, and his nails were trimmed up nice.

I racked my brain for someone in town who owns one like him, because he had no collar. I called the local bar and my friend Lisa (who bar tends) asked everyone in there who had a dog like this. No one could come up with anything solid.

I called the Animal Control Office. Closed. Of course. I couldn't just IGNORE him because he was lost, and we live right next to a busy road, and I didn't want him to get hit or to get farther away from his family. So I slipped a spare leash around his neck and we put him in our kennel for a while. I called the County Sheriff dispatcher. She told me to leave a voicemail at Animal Control. I asked her to contact the Wyanet Police Department. She said she would. An hour later, nothing. So I called her back. She wasn't able to get an officer in town, he was already off duty.

So I put a spare collar on him and put him back in our kennel for the night. I gave him water a a few dog treats. I came inside and could hear him whining loud enough to sound like coyotes. Oiy. The neighbors are gonna kill me! After about 20 minutes of whining, it started getting worse instead of better. So I decided to put our younger and bigger dog, Hadley, out in the kennel with him to see if that would make him feel better. Hadley was already asleep on his bed but he willingly got up when I asked him to, and went outside with me to the kennel. Boyd wanted to go, but there are only two houses out there and I feel much more comfy with our bigger dog overnight with a strange dog than putting little Boyd out there. Hopefully this visitor doesn't snap or attack or anything. I would never forgive myself.

So that was about 10 minutes ago and I have only heard one whine since then. He wouldn't go into a dog house, so hopefully as the night goes on he will make himself comfy. And hopefully he won't chew up either of our $140 Pet Zone Houses. I left a message at animal control with lots of details. Tomorrow morning I will call the trading post looking for an owner. I know that most people would think I am crazy and that this is not my problem, but I really hope that if my dogs got lost someone would show them the same care.

It's all about Karma... and if you ask my husband, he will tell you that I can't turn away a dog in need.

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cinders said...

That's so sweet of you!

Good luck finding the owners.

Kristi said...

Good for you! I agree that if the dog is that friendly, it's well worth the effort to save him from a possibly tragic death with that road. I'll check back for an update on the doggie.

Professor Fate said...

She looks just like mine (when she was much younger and alive). Ditto for the eyes.

Huskies are great escape artists. After a trip to doggie jail, mine also became very good at finding her way back home. She'd run off and in the morning she'd be sleeping on the front porch or under a bush if it had been a cool night.

Good luck getting her home.

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! »

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