Monday, April 03, 2006

You can touch me with your chin anytime....

I feel like I could babble for days, about nothing. That should be your warning that this post could be crap. Or it could become a genious revelation.

The weekend was good. Beginning with a “4-hour” discussion with someone and moving on to a trip to the “wagon wheel” in Mineral where I met my sister (who was surprised to see me) and two high school friends happened to be there, along with two friends from college who I haven’t seen in 8 years. Wow. It was great to see them all. Then I went to Wal-Mart at 2am for laundry detergent and dishwasher soap.

Saturday I slept in till about 10 and then I went to meet Zack with Mom. We got the grand tour of the “hortz house” which was SOOOO cool. And then we went to Zack’s mom’s to look at our old pictures and Zack scanned them all.

Around 4pm I went home and by 7:30 Evan and I had eaten our share of Chinese food, and watched Tivo’d episodes of The O.C. and Conviction (in which I drooled repeatedly and commented about the sexy “man with the sharp chin”) Whew. I love sharp Chin Guy (as I drooled all over my husband and poked him in the chest every time he came on screen- I am talking about Eric Balfour as Brian Peluso.) Who was on the OC Last, and Hawaii. And when you start looking online, you see that he is the lead singer of an LA Band called “Fredalba”- and was in a band with Brittany Murphy called “blessed with soul” in the early 90’s. Hmmm….

I first noticed him in secondhand lions as the Sheik’s grandson (you know, the hot one who stepped out of the helicopter) and I kept my eyes on him through episodes of The O.C. and Hawaii. I know that he is in “in her shoes” (which I only read the book, since I love Jennifer Weiner) and in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I really would have noticed him in Texas Chainsaw Massacre because I can tell just from the pictures that he was totally hot in that movie, but I have to say that I have never seen it because I hate gross horror movies. He’s also showed up in other TV Series, like “24” and had a part in the short lived “Hawaii”, along with various small cameos in Buffy, Clueless, Chicago Hope, and the West Wing. I even laughed when I saw him credited for Animaniacs, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, and Kids Incorporated. Good LORD! He gets around. He’s less than a year older than me, so we must have a connection, right? Besides my fascination with him as a bad boy with the sharp chin? I have always had the thing for the "bad boy" which has always gotten me in trouble, although it did also get me married to one... but that's not saying there isn't trouble in that too... There's just something about a guy whose hair is a little too long in the back and who is not always clean shaven, and who wears a baseball cap just so... I guess I have always liked a man who can look sexier when he is dirty than when he is clean. It's a disease. Or it could be part of being brought up by a working man.... a dad who was a mechanic helps you to connect axle grease and navy blue uniform shirts with masculinity and strength...

Um…drool.... so let’s see, where was I? Oh yeah... so by 7:30 Sunday night Evan and I were both asleep. We woke up at 5am (now 6am thank you time change) on Sunday and went to breakfast. Yum. It rained. Then I took a nap for 3.5 hours. Then I ran the dishwasher twice, and started laundry. I watched more TV, including Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy. Yee-Ha for new episodes. It stormed. It rained. I watched TV. I folded laundry. Then I went to sleep. That’s the weekend excitement. Oh and I saw the baby for about 20 minutes on Saturday.

Pure excitement.
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[m]att™ said...

Settle down there, your steaming up my laptop's screen !

I laughed quite a bit at the heading "You can touch me with your chin anytime". I never knew there was such a thing as a chin fetish :P

dazed said...

AKA Strong Jaw Syndrome!

Anonymous said...

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