Thursday, April 06, 2006


Today I uploaded a hodge podge of random pictures. all of them taken by me, except the ones at Argyle State Park, those were taken by my husband. And there is one of me that was taken by a reporter on the day after Christmas while I was shopping "sales" and I made the newspaper and got interviewed. Otherwise, they are mine. Random things. Landscapes, Dogs, Balloons, Things around the house. Enjoy.

Hodge Podge Photo Album

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bubbles said...

first of all wonder womanis my hero and secondly i like the hodge podge. I also liked the sleept hnt! HHNT!

Michelle said...

Great pics - especially liked your doggie shots! We had adopted a beagle a few weeks back who should've been named Dennis the Menace. Needless to say, he was returned yesterday and looked just like your Beagle. Too cute! Love all your greens around your house, when can you come make mine look purty? :o)

Christie said...

LOVE the pumpkin- I wish I knew how to carve pumpkins like that, but I suck

cinders said...

Great photos... & congrats on making he newspaper ;)

Anonymous said...

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