Thursday, April 13, 2006

Small Town Bullshit, Dog Update, Easter, and Lunch.

It is HOT outside! Holy cow! it's 84 today! I took a late lunch today and walked a great big rectangle around town. It took me 30 minutes. I put the iPod on and just took off. I have on a black t-shirt so my back was getting damp before I was halfway through. I was keeping up a pretty good pace, on account of the fast music. I saw lots of good looking guys with their shirts off, working on roofs and siding and windows and landscaping. Totally worth the walk. It left me a little tired. Hopefully it helps with the damn spaghetti pizza and garlic bread that I should NOT have ate last night, and reheated today at lunch. Oh it was so tasty, but it made me feel icky full, and it also made me retain water. Seriously. Today my hands are swollen and they hurt, and my wedding ring is tight and digging into my finger, and my belly feels all expanded. South beach is definately good for you. Those carbs are a killer. So tonight instead of Tacos, I will have to eat something good, example salad. I bet if I weighed myself I would probably have gained 5 more pounds. I hope it goes away tomorrow or I will have to make myself go back to phase 1.

I am excited about easter. Sunday is my great grandma's 108th birthday. Of course she's dead, but we can still think about her. So we are having a picnic and some fishing on Saturday for Easter, and on Sunday I assume that husband's family will have something, although no one has called us. But that's the way it always goes. We are last in the loop. Always. No one ever bothers to call and invite us to anything. I am figuring they are hoping that we (or at least I) can't come then.

The dog. Ugh. I had to turn him lose at 2am. I know I know, I didn't WANT to do it. I wanted to help him and find his family but there is only so much one person can do. At about 1:30 I heard him whining and crying again. LOUDLY. Then I heard Hadley, who I had put outside to keep "dog" company, and Hadley did a great big "defending myself" bark followed by some snappy snarls and some whines. When I got outside, Hadley was all cowered by the kennel door in his "save me I didn't deserve this" pose, and the "dog" was looking triumphant to have gotten my attention again. I let Hadley out and when I touched him, his entire head was wet, and his front legs, and his neck, where "dog" had had his jowels on him. I assume it was just playing, but Hadley looked none too pleased. I let "dog" out of the kennel and took off my spare collar. Then I let him go. He went right to the door. I didn't want to let him in, I didn't know how he would react in the house, what he would scratch, chew, piss on, growl at, or destroy, and I was seeing what appeared to be fleas in his coat and that was another thing that I didn't need in the house, or on my dogs. So I took Hadley inside, where he was inspected and sniffed by Boyd, and then he collapsed on his dog bed.

The "dog" was running between the back and front doors, whining and scratching at the metal doors and on the screens. I thought he was going to tear through the screens, but they are metal screens so they are pretty strong. He wanted IN. I even took a dog bed outside so he could lie on it by the front steps. He just sat on our front steps and whined LOUDLY and kept us awake. AND Scratched the door LOUDLY. So I decided to put him on the tie out with the collar on again. Still scratching the door. So I MOVED the tie out (visualize.... me outside in a short little yellow satin nightie, no underwear, no bra, bent over with my ass and "everything" hanging out in the dark, barefoot, trying to step on and pound the tie out back into the ground. Um. Yeah. Didn't see and flashes but hope no one around was awake and watching with a camera.) Then the dog couldn't scratch the door but that made him whine and howl louder. The whole freaking neighborhood was probably cursing me, and it WASN'T EVEN MY DOG! I wanted to help but in exasperation, I let him go. He lay on the bed outside, he paced from door to door, and eventually it was quiet. This morning he was nowhere to be found. I can only hope that his family has found him or he went home.

I feel terrible. Then this morning, when I received a call back from the Bureau County Animal Control Officer, I was informed that he "doesn't come to Wyanet." and if you ask me that's a giant load of bullshit. I AM IN BUREAU COUNTY! 5 minutes from the county seat, and the dog catcher doesn't leave Princeton? It is BUREAU COUNTY ANIMAL CONTROL for christ's sakes. That means they should COVER the ENTIRE county! Jeez. Where's my county officials? I need to talk to one about this load of crap. What if it had been a rabid dog instead of a nice one? What if I had kids and we were confined in our house? (wouldn't happen to me, but to a weaker person or someone afraid of dogs, it would.) I bet the damn officers would be lining up to shoot a rabid dog, but you can't find a single one to come take care of a healthy lost one. I hope my dogs never get lost. This dog could have been microchipped but the damn Animal Control wouldn't even come over to see anyway. Can you tell I am pissed? Stupid small town bullshit.

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