Saturday, April 29, 2006

She's CrAzY Crafty!

Well. Today I decided to tackle the craft room. I am totally not even halfway done and it is midnight. Tomorrow. I will continue.

So the craft room is a seperate entity than the scrapbook room. The craft room is where there are paints and sewing and basketweaving and glitter and glue guns. Look Out.

This morning I said to husband (in a state of denial and refusal, not wanting to start the project) "How would a husband feel about helping a wife clean the craft room." And he replied "a husband would have to point out that he got that room all ready for you and you packed it full of shit and neglected it." I was hurt. ~Ouch!~He was right. I am a terrible **sniff sniff... WAAAA~** wife.

So today, when I went down to stare it in the face... things started to come back to me. How did I get TWO fully assembled and lighted Christmas trees in the middle of the room? I certainly did not put those there! How did that busted ass black metal cart get in my room? **I** told husband to throw it out YEARS ago. And **HE** assured me that he needed it for his guitar room. And yet, here it found it's way into MY craft room? When did THAT happen? I am seeing a pattern here!

And what we affectionately call "the smoking chair"- also an item that I asked him to destroy almost two YEARS ago but he didn't want to let go of it.... suddenly it is in the CRAFT room? And that 8 foot banquet table? propped lengthwise against the Christmas Tree? Wait a minute! That wasn't me! I can't Even LIFT it! Aha! I did NOT singlehandedly destroy the craft room by packing shit in there! It was HIM! HIM I tell you!

He came down and when I started pointing things out to him (those ceramic teddy bears that are each holding a sports ball... from his room as a BABY- How did THOSE get in here and why do we even HAVE them?) he grinned and giggled and without a single complaint, took it all back out of the craft room! Oh room to BREATHE! Room to Organize!

But then, there was SAWDUST and plaster chunks and all kinds of "demolition" related debri like nails and ceramic insulators and pieces of electrical wiring... all left from the remodeling of the upstairs and the pulling back of wires from the basement ceilings. **I** also had no part in that. When I requested a shop vac, husband suggested a BROOM and I was like THIS is NOT the stone ages! And he brought me the shop vac.

And now I am **Mostly** in the organizing stages. And oh the things I have found. Two glue guns? Over 400 glue sticks. Gulp. Two drawers of acrylic paints? Can this BE? FOUR UNOPENED SETS OF ARTISTS BRUSHES bought on eBay? No. Not Possible! Two totes of Christmas Ribbon and bows, a whole extra drawer of gift ribbon... a tote of gift bags, a tote of cardboard gift boxes, and tissue paper? I need HELP! I don't even know how much I have so I buy more! It has to STOP!

I took pictures. Check out some of what I found, in the She's Crafty Flickr Album.

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Michelle said...

Ok, I am so envious of your crafty stuff and space! I could get lost in your craft room for days on end!

jennster said...

good luck!!! i am LOL at the christmas tree!

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