Thursday, April 27, 2006

Frederick's Of Hollywood

Don't you hate it when someone in Customer Service is bitchy and has no personality?

I recently ordered bras from Frederick's of Hollywood. Online. And two pajama shirts. When the one pajama shirt came, it was torn. Right up the back. And it was packaged differently than the first, making me pretty sure that it had been a return, because it was missing all the tissue paper and the plastic clips that the other one had. And the bras didn't fit right. So I returned them. I called prior to making the return. I had a postage paid label. I mailed the package out priority mail on April 7th. I was returning the bras for a refund to my credit card, and exchanging the ripped sleepshirt for an identical one (unripped, hopefully.) I asked them not to charge me for return shipping because of the rip. They agreed. They "noted my account."

April 24th. 17 days after mailing the return. I knew the return got to them in 3 days, and I assumed that by now, I should be seeing a credit to my card, or at least the exchanged shirt. Nope. So I called. Customer Service. And I waited. On Hold. When I got through, she told me that the credit had been put through on April 21st and that I should see it in 30-45 days. I explained that this wasn't a trditional credit card but a debit card and that my bank puts through the credits as soon as they are issued. I told them that I hadn't seen a credit. She acted as though it were not her problem. I asked her where the exchanged shirt was. She said that the exchange was "on hold" because there weren't enough funds on the credit card. Hmmm... maybe that's cuz you DIDN'T REFUND MY MONEY!?! eh? I thought they would only refund the amount for the bras, and just exchange the shirt. No, that would be too easy. They have to refund ALL the money and then charge me again. That seems efficient, no? So I tell her that if they can't figure it out, to just cancel the exchange. She tells me she can't because she isn't in the EXCHANGE department. So I ask if she can transfer me there or give me their telephone number. Oh they don't HAVE a phone number. So I ask if she can call them. Nope. She can't. She can note my account but they probably won't see it. I told her that I don't want them charging me for another shirt without having the credit from the other items that I returned. $70 + dollars worth of items. So I made the comment that I was the customer and she is in CUSTOMER SERVICE so could she please find a way to cancel the exchange. She just said she couldn't. ARGH!

So I call the bank. Nope. No credit has been issued. And if it was credited on the 21st, they would have seen it by the 24th. I wait. 3 days. Call back today. Get another customer service rep. Equally as un-enthusuiastic. She acts like she was filing her nails and I interrupted her. She said that the credit was issued YESTERDAY as in on the 26th. 5 days after the other customer service rep assured me the credit was issued, and 3 days after I talked to the customer service rep. I guess it's a good thing I called. And she also told me that the representative had cancelled the exchange. How nice. of her. Of course.

What a crock, eh? They need a lesson in customer service. Not sure I will be ordering from them again anytime soon. I have never had anything but good customer service from Victoria's Secret, and that is saying something because I have their gold card and have had it for probably 6 or 7 years.

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