Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Yoplait Yogurt Scam and how it is connected to the US Postal Service scam.

What a day! I was super busy at work today, but I had the energy after my day home yesterday, so that was okay. At lunch I ran to the Printers Box (local scrapbook store) and picked up coupons for $2 off admission at the Scrapbook Expo in Villa Park (near Chicago) on May 5th. I also got some things that I didn't need and couldn't afford. Yeah. Damn Shopping Troll that rides around in my purse.

I also ate a chef salad from Sullivan's Foods and some boston creme pie yogurt.

Question. You know the whole yopliat pink lid scam? My mom had breast cancer. I consider breast cancer to be a good cause. I do what I can. But really, is it a good idea for me to mail yoplait all the pink lids that I licked clean so that they can give 10 cents per lid to breast cancer research? Cheap fuckers. Why can't they just give 10 cents for each yogurt sold and give that guy that sorts and counts the "lick-ed lids" a better job? WTF? Does anyone else ponder why I have to spend 40 cents however much stamps cost these days to send a lid to Yoplait so they can give 10 cents for breast cancer? Why don't I just give my 40 cents to breast cancer and be DONE with it? WTF? Who thought up this hair-brained campaign? It just about drives me to drink. I can't eat yogurt without having this anguishing conversation with myself! It makes me want to write a letter. Yoplait, you cheap bastards, just give the cash to breast cancer and I can lick those lids without worrying that I am giving some guy in your mail opening department a reason to off himself.

And WHY do stamp prices keep going UP UP UP! And why can't they put the actual price on the stamp, so that I know how much it costs. They started just putting "F" on them for a while and now it's some "first class postage" bullshit. Are they trying to hide from us how much the stamps cost now? Do they not want me to get even more pissed off that I pay them to deliver a letter but they still make people drive to the post office to pick up their mail? (It's called the PO Box scam, read here, it happens to me every day) The GOVERNMENT owns out postal service. Why can't they just lower the damn gas prices so that we don't have to raise our stamp prices every year? What happened to the good old 25 cent stamp of the 1980's? Or the 10 cent pony express? I think all mail carriers should have to ride horses now. Bring the cost of stamps back down. Or hey, why don't we just pass all that extra expense onto the naitional defecit... doesn't look like anyone's paying attention to where all that money goes anyways, right? Who cares? Oh no, we'd better raise the price of stamps again! The enxt time I vote in a presedential election will be for the candidate who stands at the podium and says "I will lower gas prices. I will lower the price of stamps." Amen Brother! You have my vote!

In other news.... I promise I haven't been smoking pot and thinking up conspiracy theories all day. I really haven't. I don't DO that. Can you IMAGINE my brain on drugs? Good lord! I don't need drugs to make my brain work overtime. Really. I wish I could find that picture that my mom has, and put it on here. We had a "hat day" when I was in school. It was before they even had the D.A.R.E. Program, so like 1980's, and we had to make hats about "just say no" and I had on a just say no purple t-shirt and a white bucket hat that was all decorated up and I had a frying pan with an egg in it glued to my head. It was great. Classic. God I need to find that pic to show. Paranoia. powerful adversaries such as UFOs, terrorists, the Men in Black, secret societies or demons.

Oh and speaking of, I did finish the DaVinci code Friday night. Wow. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Go Read it now. NOW! And yesterday I started Gregory McGuire's Son of a Witch. Can't wait for Dan Brown's other books to come. Also gog Labyrinth and The Secret Supper from my book club. Not by Dan Brown but marketed in the same genre. My booklist just keeps growing (keep up with me by checking out what I have read recently and what's coming up, on the sidebar.)

Well, everybody have a great Tuesday evening!

UPDATE: DaVinci Code Readers, check out wikidpedia's information on the Priory of Sion. Interesting. Interesting. How is it that we can't get enough of it?

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Haleigh Anne said...

Glad to hear that you finished The DaVinci Code! I know I have told you before but I don't mind saying it again...I LOVED that book. I also see that you have Teacher Man on the reading list. I am currently read it. I love Frank McCourt's writing and wit...he is just great!

I just saw some of the pictures of your house and front porch. I am SO jealous!

dazed said...

I have been a Frank McCourt fan since way back when. I got Angela's Ashes when it first came out, before he was even "popular" yet... and I loved it. I have read, and have, all of Frank's books and all of Malachy's books. Good reading! I am looking forward to teacher man. But for some reason it hasn't been high on my list. It's like I think it would be boring to read about a teacher. But who is to say that's really even what it is about. I know I know, you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover! :)

I also LOVED the DaVinci code. What amazed me is how it made so much sense and dove deeper into things that I have been thinking for a long time. I have always thought that the whole christianity thing didn't make sense. The way women are treated, and catholic priests are to be celibate, it just seemed alot more like Man's idea than god's. I could rattle on for hours about the book.

Anonymous said...

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