Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I wish it were Friday. Badly. At work I am starting to feel more like a slave to the establishment than an employee with valid thoughts and opinions. Everyone needs a vacation, so everyone is on edge, so everyone is cranky. I don’t want to be cranky. I am trying not to be.

This time of year gets me in a “Spring cleaning” mode. Last night husband and I cleaned out the garage (eeww) and it needed it badly because it was still a semi-disaster from the remodeling. Also it seems that you could operate a small farming operation out of our garage, because through the year we accumulate all this crap that we used once and instead of finding it’s way back out to the farm, it resides in our garage. So we worked diligently to put out crap that we didn’t need to the curb for clean up days, and the rest organized or back to it’s place on the farm. Now we should ALMOST be able to fit two cars and a mower in there, were over the winter we were damn lucky to even get my car in the garage, it was such a disaster. Drywall, drywall compound, paint, stain, power tools, wood trim, metal flashing…. It was like Menards in there. Not anymore.

We got the canopy for the swing and the swing cushion down from the top of the garage, and also put together the round patio table and got the patio chairs and the garden hoses situated for the year. We put out some of the yard ornaments. I can’t believe that are Hostas are already all the way up. Most people’s around here are only up a few inches and ours are completely unfurled. I tell you, it’s the mushroom compost that we use on all our flowers and vegetables. One year we had pumpkins that had the whole county talking. For real. I miss not having a garden. But we don’t have room for it anymore since we got the second driveway.

The lilac tree is just blooming now, and the clematis is greening up nicely, I bet it will be beautiful this year. This is year three, and you know what they say (sleep, creep, LEAP!) so this year should be the leap year. It should be the creep year for the vining contraption that I am trying to get going on the front trellis, I can’t remember but I THINK it’s a trumpet vine. I don’t even remember what I bought…. But I do remember buying a honeysuckle at Wal-mart one year and getting it home to plant it, and looking it up on the internet on garden web, only to discover that it is illegal to plant, sell, or distribute in the state of Illinois because it is classified as an invasive. When I tried to contact wal-mart they didn’t know what I was talking about OR give a rats ass. I ended up spraying a $15 plant with round-up and killing it completely, then burning it, so that it wouldn’t spread. I was afraid to take it back to the mart because I knew they would just sell it to someone less suspecting.

I need to get the blue ball (no it isn’t a gazing ball, I dislike those) outside and the blue bird bath. And we need to “re-mulch.” And the pond needs to be put back in since it came up from the ground with a freezing and thawing spell. Ick.

Last night I did get 6 loads of laundry done, and two more this morning. I also watched 3 episodes of The Girls Next Door and ate supper, and read a chunk of the DaVinci code. It was a pretty productive night. I didn’t go to sleep until around 12:30 or 1am.

At lunch today I had a Subway wrap, same as supper last night, and same as supper tonight. Fabulous variety, eh? Tasty though. I also went for a walk with CB at lunch, which was nice. We found a brick sidewalk in town. We knew we had brick streets, but I didn’t know there were still brick sidewalks. They are sooo cute. Probably not great for bike riding or roller skating, but otherwise quaint. We generally scrutinize and lavish praise upon people’s houses and yards. My walk always reminds me to buy another bag of Scott’s turf builder so that I can fertilize the yard this year. I only had ¼ of a bag left from last year, and I found it when we cleaned the garage.

Yesterday I sat on the Soldier’s and Sailors Monument on the circle, across from the courthouse, spread my skirt out around my legs and took off my sandals. I enjoyed the sun and read a couple of DaVinci code chapters. Ate a McDonald’s Fruit and Yogurt Parfait. Yum. I would do that Every day if I could. But I need to be walking, so I will continue to walk during lunch.

Since my workplace (which will remain nameless in the name of confidentiality, and so they don’t fire me) has banned capri pants this spring as an “unprofessional” piece of attire. We were able to wear them in years past, and they were a staple of my summer wardrobe. Now I am saddened. And I have no clothes to wear. And a closet full of khaki and other patterned capri pants that I can’t wear and I sunk good money on, from places like CJ Banks and Four Seasons. It’s a crying shame. It gets me angry just thinking about it. Now tell me, we can’t wear jeans, and we can’t wear shorts, and who wants to wear dress pants in the middle of the summer? So luckily I got into skirts last summer, and I bought 2 in Vancouver from a cute little shop on granville island. Expensive skirts, we are talking $65-75 CAD a piece (think $50 USD each) but they were authentic crinkle skirts and the two beautiful ladies at the shop taught me how to “have my strong husband” help me tie the skirts in knots after hanging them dry, to preserve the crinkles. And that is what I do. And with the bohemian look (MY look) finally popular, I am able to wear all my skirts and purchase many more. Last night I filled the drying rack with crinkle skirts. I had 6 drying, one already dry, and two more that are ruffled (no crinkles) in the wash last night. Skirt-a-holic. So most people probably think I am morman or whatever church requires ladies to wear skirts once they “join” (no offense mormans) but hopefully the funky accessories, cute sandals, and dangly earrings will be giving me away as just an ultra cool chick who can’t wear capri pants or shorts to work.

So if you see any cool skirts, send the details my way. I bought two really kitschy ones at Wal-Mart a week or two ago, and I wore one yesterday and am wearing another one today. I really only wear skirts now. It’s too nice to wear pants to work. Too winterish and too depressing.

It’s hard enough that I am DYING to be a SAHM but I don’t even have kids… It makes me all sad that I have to go to WORK all day when I could be home doing laundry and dishes and crafty things and organizing the attic and basement and cleaning cleaning cleaning and gardening gardening gardening.

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Haleigh Anne said...

Wow, you had a busy night! I wish I could get that motivated.

I am glad to see you are reading The Da Vinci Code. I just finished it. LOVED LOVED LOVED it!!

I, too, need skirts. We are having 100 degree weather around here and still have to dress some-what professionally. Any tips on where to buy?

Millie said...

I'm not sure if they post to the US but try
they have some really cute stuff for the summer. Its a british based company. (I live on Bristol - South West England)


Millie x

Izzy said...

SAHM's cleaning and organizing and crafting?


We blog all day, silly :)

[m]att™ said...

OOoooo !

Which store on Granville ? I love that place. Well, I love White Rock a little more, but thats just for the food and the beach. The shopping is better Downtown. I'm rambling...

Anonymous said...

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