Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Bicycles and the History of Oral Sex.

Ahhh Wednesday. I can’t remember last time I had this little to say. I know I should be blogging but my brain is blank. I don’t mean that I am like a zombie. I am still working and getting things done, and I paid bills and balanced the checkbook, and I had a Computer User Group meeting last night. But I just can’t think of anything to rant about (that must mean I am a little more stress free) and I don’t really have any deep thoughts. Although I had an interesting one last night.

Who do you think was the first person to think up oral sex? For real. I m not trying to be dirty here. I am just being honest. Who was the first person out there who said “hmmm… what if I just like right there… what would happen?” It makes me wonder. And WHEN did this happen? I mean are we talking like a caveman or we talking like the 1800’s? I never thought to ask my great grandma if Oral sex was around when she was young. It just didn’t seem like the appropriate question to ask your great grandma, you know? So today my quest is to google “the history of oral sex” so I can have some answers.

What will YOU learn today? LOL.

I just recently finished reading Nicholas Sparks “At first Sight” and I started reading it the night Anya was in labor. I had no idea what the book was about and at the time I didn’t even know that the book was a sequel to “True Believer” which I had read in one 4 hour sitting the week before. I was also unaware that the book was about the pregnancy and childbirth of the happy couple, and when I got to the “end” it was 3am, Anya was in labor at the hospital, and I freaked out. I told Evan “take this book away from me I can’t believe what just happened.” And then I had nightmares the whole rest of the night and wanted to call Anya every hour for the next day until she had her baby. Note to others, this is a good book but I don’t suggest it as reading if you are pregnant, or if you have someone you care about who is pregnant or delivering a baby. Bad bad timing to read that book. There should be a warning. I just jumped into reading it last Tuesday night and again I read for 4.5 hours until 3am when I got to the end and had to put it down. I have to say that was the first N. Sparks book that I have never cried during. I was too shocked.

What else is new. Well, I saw the newest Longaberger catalog last night, and the newest two flyers (monthly specials) and I covet. Oh it’s terrible. Baskets of any kind are an addiction. I love their new bicycle basket and I wish that I was a bike rider. I have a bike in the garage that I haven’t ridden in 6 years. What a waste.

So maybe I should ride my bike? Nah. It’s not like when I used to live in the country and you could ride your bike for miles and never see anyone else and just take in the nature. I don’t want to ride my bike in town. I’d rather walk. Then I can take the dogs.

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