Monday, April 24, 2006

Sick Today **cough cough**

Today I am sick. **cough cough** home from work. I am not incapacitated in any way besides needing to stay near a potty. And not wanting to deal with that problem while at work. So I really am sick. But not like bedridden.

So I am actually having a pretty productive sick day. But you should know that I can accomplish more on a sick day than most people do on a regular day. I just don't turn off. I can't help it.

I have effectively picked up every room in the house. For real. Unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, everything. I need to make the bed next... but I thought I should pause to blog.

I had a fairly okay weekend. Friday night/Sat morning there was the drunk-fest next door, as you probably read. This made me tired and I skipped my morning ceramic tile class. Then my foot got tangled in the cord of my CHI Ceramic straightening iron, and it fell in the toilet. And it sank. And then it wouldn't work. And it cost $100 and was only like 6 months old. SO I was pissed. Of course I exchanged it for a new one. Now we hope that CHI doesn't open it up to see all the circuits got wet. I probably shouldn't even be blogging about it. If you work for CHI, please pay attention to this Jedi mind trick **You did not read about my CHI Iron.**

I went to my own Stampin Up Workshop and we made a cute card packet. I need to get pics. The show is at about $500+ right now, so I will get some cool free shit.

Sunday I busted some serious ass. I took EVERYTHING off the front porch. All the plants and the wicker Outside and hosed them down. Then cleaned all the windows (and the porch is all windows) and then wiped off the ledges, some of the walls, mopped the floor. Then systematically put everything back. I did take some pictures as proof that I actually DID something that serious. Husband mowed the second half of the yard, and ran the weed eater (does anyone else use the bizarre term "weed-eated" like I do?) and then he helped me get the plastic off all the porch windows, since it isn't winter! Yeah! The old windows are beautiful but they are rotting and they leak air terribly, and they need to be replaced but we want to keep the originality of the house, and windows like that will be EXPENSIVE!

I was exhausted and then I started to not feel good around 7 or 8 last night. but I still got alot done. Watched alot of TV. Last night's family Guy, with Stewie as the gymnast, was hilarious as usual. "Stewie Griffin is about to begin his floor routing, which the judges announce absolutely is NOT gay." It was great. I love when he vaulted into the China cabinet and got a shard of glass in his head and was freaking out "Take it out or don't take it out, Take it out or don't take it out!" Matt did you see it? Is the schedule the same in Canada?

Does anyone here work for Plow and Hearth? I totally have a jedi mind trick for you. **"Please call me because I know you want to replace my two wicker chair cushions that fell apart when I tried to wash them because there were muddy paw prints on them. I cherish them and they were barely a year old when I destroyed them in the washer. What was I thinking. Please replace them?"**

Well, I really have to go- but I will definately blog later!


Christie said...

that porch/sun room is lovely!
I want it.

[m]att™ said...

It wouldn't be weed-eated. I didn't "eated" a sandwich for lunch.

It would be "weed-eaten" or "weed-ate", but not "weed-eated".
EX. We weed-ate the front ditch today. Though, I haven't weed-eaten my back ditch yet.

Yes, I am a grammar natzi. Please don't take it persoally. I love your creation of the word "weed-eaten", and I hope I can find a suitable situation in which to use it today.


Michelle said...

Your porch looks great - when I first scrolled down I just thought it was a picture from a magazine!

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