Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Hanger Crisis #249

I am in the midst of a "hanger crisis." This is not the first hanger crisis at our house, and it will probably not be the last.

This happens to me a few times a year. You know, the moment when I miraculously start to get caught up with laundry and everything is clean? The moment that I realize that there are not enough hangers to hold all of our clothes? The one where that pile of clothes in the bottom of the closet has been picked up and all the hampers and laundry sorters are empty and when you have made the effort to stop living out of clothes baskets and start leading the good life, where you begin each day taking your clothes out of the closet instead of out of the laundry room/clothes basket/chair in the corner of your bedroom?

Argh. And the hanger crisis is only matched by the realization that your closet and dresser WILL NOT HOLD all the clothes once they are clean. Shit. This is what happens when you decide that instead of washing clothes, you would be better off buying new ones. you know, out of socks, where have they all gone? Buy a new package? You can buy more hangers but you really aren't probably going to get more closet space. Crap. Shit. Now what? do I drop everything and run to Wal-Mart to buy hangers? Do I start tearing through my closets eliminating clothing? Do I give up and stop doing laundry now because there are no hangers to hang the clean clothes on?

I have done the scour and search three times. Under the bed, behind the clothes and on the closet floors... In the laundry room, behind the couch, in the trunk of my car (kidding kidding) and there are seriously NO MORE HANGERS! And let me tell you, I have more hangers than most small villages. I have hangers EVERYWHERE and I have used them all. Hangers plague me at every turn on any given day. I step on them, I slide on them, My clothes are tangled in them, they get caught in the vacuum, they are hanging on every hook and cranny... They piss me off on a regular basis, just lying around looking at me. They get stuck on the dog's ASS for god's sakes... and when I need them for REAL hanger duty... I run out of them?

Oh the irony. Please send Hangers. Soon.

Also of note this evening:
Housekeeping Myth #143 ** The crisper keeps things fresh. forever.** Not true. I can smell it.
The christmas decorations aren't put away yet and it is the end of APRIL. Get it with it!
50 free Pampered Chef catalogs to anyone who will drive here to pick them up.

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Christie said...

I get that problem too! I don't know how it happens!

Izzy said...

Housekeeping Myth #143 ** The crisper keeps things fresh. forever.** Not true. I can smell it.

rofl...I'd have to agree. The crisper thing is merely a place to keep fruits & vegetables while they rot.

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