Friday, April 07, 2006

Damn Government/WeatherMan/Belts/etc.

So last night was again Taco Thursday at 6&34 for husband and I. I love tacos.

I am very glad today is Friday, and it's casual Friday at work. So I get to wear jeans. But with 14 pounds lost, mine are loose enough that I am always pulling them up but not loose enough to go buy a smaller size. So I try wearing a belt, which is great when standing, but when sitting it is totally digging into my upper belly, and I hate belts for that reason. Damn belts.

This weekend I need to get a new tire on my car and get the damn thing aligned. great. There goes my measley tax return eh? Besides that I will probably just be around home. Husband talked about working in the yard if it is nice, and now I see "blustery" and "rain" in the forecast. Of course. Beautiful during the week, 65 degrees, and then rain all weekend. Go figure.

I really have nothing to say these days. Can I be OUT of things to say? No freaking way. 27 years of blabber mouthing and then one day I just dry up? It's not possible!

Maybe I will try again later.

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