Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Walking Zombie

Well, yesterday was a strange day. I didn't blog. Why you ask?

Sunday night I did not sleep. I tried. I lay in bed at 11 and started to read my book. Every time I tried to sleep, I wasn't tired. I kept reading, hoping it would make me tired. At 4am I had finished the entire book. And I still wasn't able to sleep. My sunburn was excruciating. I lay there until 5:30, not sleeping... as the birds started singing, and the traffic started going by on their way to work. I lay there till 6:30 and then I just got up and went to work... 3.5 hours early.

Strange. SO I worked from just before 7 until noon, when I FINALLY and MERCIFULLY started to be tired. I drove to my mom's and slept outside on their futon/swing, for about an hour. Then when the sun started to get low enough to bypass the swing canopy and touch my already-burned skin, I moved inside and slept on the couch for 4 more hours straight. I don't even remember moving, and my mom woke me up at 6pm.

Then I drove home, (the cleaning people had been at my house so I couldn't be) and we ate supper, and went for a walk. Last night I took a sleeping pill at 10:30 and was asleep by 11:30 and didn't move until I just woke up. Thank GOD I slept last night.

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Janet said...

Welcome to the AOGB family.

I had Wonder Woman underwear as a child. Obviously this still holds a place in my heart for me.:)

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