Thursday, June 08, 2006

Husband HNT

I have to tell you, I have just not been feeling well! It's not like sick like can't work and can't eat. It's just like "annoying" not feeling well. Hormonal I am sure. Ugh. I go through entire days of wanting to choke my husband, and then entire days of feeling sorry for him because I am so moody lately. So today's HNT is my husband, exactly as I saw him this morning. He slept right through the flash and everything. He looked so sweet and peaceful, such a nice husband! And then 5 minutes later when I couldn't find the dog leashes and asked him where he put them, he got up, stomped around, said "Are you stupid?" and stomped out the front door in his boxer shorts and grabbed them where he left them, and then he Slammed the door. And now, I want to choke him again. Ahhh.... love and marriage.

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Wenchy said...

Love and marriage... indeed.

Crimson said...

Typical. HHNT!

Becca said... excellent post to accompany a wonderful HNT!

Feel better hon!


Tina said...


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