Friday, June 30, 2006

I heard everyone's doing it.....

Just so you know, until I met my husband, I had been to like Pizza Hut and Hardees and that's it. Well actually I had been a FEW places but not many. I grew up "sheltered" and lived on the farm, and we didn't roll in the cash, so we weren't big shoppers and big on going out to eat unless we ordered chicken from a local place or just got a Book-It so we could go to Pizza Hut. And we have never taken a family vacation, except for once in 2000 when I couldn't get off work, and my family went without me on their first vacation ever. So even though I have been to Canada to get married, I haven't been many places in the US. Until I was 18, I had only been to about 6 states. Now I have branched out more, but there are still so many places to see! This August I will add Utah to this list, but here's where I've been so far!

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