Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Things that Piss Me Off Today....

My skin.
Is Peeling.
It Won't Stop.

So my sunburn is long gone. I love the first day of peeling when you can look down your shirt while at work, and spend all day reaching your hand in there and peeling off skin in big sheets and I feel like a snake... but now it's been like a week of peeling and IT'S GETTING OLD. Because now it doesn't really peel off anymore, it's just like "ragged edges" that piss me off. I do the exfoliate thing in the shower and bath, and I do lotion and baby oil and body wash... and still I peel.

How's that for exciting!

I was just thinking of things that are pissing me off today. I think that today I like to make lists.

*Pantyhose (who invented them! I hate Them!)
*People with Coffee Breath
*People who don't answer their pages
*Unexpectedly finding a hole in a piece of clothing
usually stratecically located to show my underwear or bra
*Unconsciously biting my own lip till it bleeds
*When there's two people in the car, you grab the gum out of your bag, and there's only one piece left.
*Ditto for cigarettes
*People who wear the same shoes everyday
*Light Switches. {The one on the wall over there keeps sneering at me}
*All 328 days since my last vacation
*The 62 Days until my next {albeit very short} vacation
*Needles, knives, swords, sharps.
*Wasps, Hornets, YellowJackets and other sting-y things.
*Loud exhausts and glasspacks on redneck trucks as they haul ass past my house before 9am
*Carpet. It doesn't fool me.

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Trish said...

Aw, c'mon. Don't be shy. Tell us how you really feel! :D

Kidding - I'm visiting from Mierda del Toro - Astrocoz is one of my faves. :)

Totally with you on the stingy things, zits and pantyhose (feels like you're sitting on a screen door by the end of the day!) - actually with you on everything, but those more than the others. :)

Lyvvie said...

OOoooo good list. I'm with you on most, although I don't wear panty hose...I don't wear girl clothes, though, either.

I think it's funny how you hate all stinging flying beaties but Bumblebee is your favourite Transformer.

I have very clear memories of my third grade teacher and her awful, AWFUL coffee breath. Get a mint, babe. Michael Caine says when doing kissing scenes, and he's not too sure about what his leading lady's oral habits are, he'll offer up a squirt of Binaca. class.

astrocoz said...

I hate all those things too...except the light switches...

Especially, the things that sting...cause I'm allergic to bees!

Anonymous said...

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