Sunday, June 18, 2006


Imagine being in the dark, reaching in and wrapping your hand around something twice as big as you expected. It's enough to make any girl squeal with delight.

I am referring to my late night drive-through run for the border, and the unexpectedly large size of the Taco Bell Grilled Chicken Stuffed Burrito. Yum. That thing was HUGE!

Tonight I went to Wal-Mart (regular Sunday activity) to get Q-tips and garbage bags. I also squealed with Delight when I saw that Wal-Mart started carrying Vicki Lewis Thompson's Nerd books.... (remember this post?) and that there were two paperbacks that I haven't read yet... Nerd Gone Wild and The Nerd Who Loved Me. And they were only $2.57 each. So I got them both, and now I plan to climb into bed and start reading... but I am not sure which one to start first! Yeee! Exciting!

I bought a brush set and a hope towel for my golf clubs. I bought a 12 pack of glitter glue pens. I picked up our new kitchen garbage can from layaway (stainless steel.... Yum!) and some tools for me... since husband always loses, misplaces, or hides the tools. A 4 in 1 screwdriver, a tape measure, and a pair of pliers. That way I won't have to use my jewelry pliers for attaching dog tags to their collars anymore. And I can measure windows for blinds all day long! Sweet!

So I am doing laundry, and I think I will just plain enjoy reading tonight.... and being happy that my Wal-Mart trip meant suffering through wearing a bra for only 1 hour (damn sunburn!)

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