Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I am a Rock, I am an Island

Ugh. Cable! How frustrating can it be! This morning we had a "cable appointment" and of course they gave us the silly "time range" of 8am-10am. So I got up at 7:30, pulled on capri pants and a tank top, made the bed, rinsed the dishes, let the dogs out, and crashed on the couch to wait. Husband decided that since he wasn't "required" for this visit (WTF?!) he could go sleep in the spare bedroom. How unfair is that? What he SHOULD Have done? Wait for the cable guys while I showered and got ready for work, so that when 10:15 came, I could leave for work as usual. Instead, he slept. Pissed, I decided to nap also. I would wake up when the doorbell rang, and when the attack dogs tried to rip off their legs as they approached the house. So I napped on my freshly made bed from 8am till 9:57am when they FINALLY showed up. Yeah. So when they got done I had to hurry up and get ready so I wouldn't be toooo late at work... even though work was duly notified of cable appointment. But how annoying is that 2 hour time frame anyway?

So cable duties done, I will now tell you about "yesterday" before I head out the door for the day. Yesterday was Boyd's surgery. I took him to the vet in the morning, once again up at 7:30am. Ick. evan picked him up in the afternoon, and they decided to actually remove the polyp, so he has two internal stitches that will dissolve. He is fine, acting as normal as ever. Yesterday afternoon he slept a decent amount, and when I got home at 5:30, he moved and came to see me. Then last night I accidentally took a nap from 6pm-8pm, when I woke up to the doorbell ringing and my husband gone. Well, I remained froze into bed because I was only in a tank top and underwear, and if I stood up to look outside, the front door is like 5 feet from my bedroom so they would have "seen me" and so I lay there in stealth mode wondering where the fuck my husband was. About 2 minutes later, as I lay there trying to wake my ass up and wondering who in the hell was at our house.... Evan came up from the basement and was like "who was here?" and I said "how the hell should I know, I was asleep and I have no pants on!" so he called his friend Joe, and sure enough.... it was him.

So I got up and ate something, and then I went for a nice long walk. When I came back, I watched some Reality TV that I didn't even want to watch on VH1... Some Anna Nicole Smith show (she IS a moron, isn't she!) and then something about the wackiest celebrity baby names. then I went to bed and watched the last episode of the Law and Order SVU that I had TIVO'd on the cable box that they were taking away this morning.

And then at 12:56am I went to sleep.

Exciting! Wonderous! Fabulous! That's my life in a nutshell. Work/Eat/Nap/Eat/Sleep then start the cycle all over again.
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ruben said...

You know...I pay for satellite service but have not turned on the TV in months. Crazy. I have just been so lost in music lately.

For instance, right now I will grab the iPod and head out to mow the lawn. Life is good.

Take care of you!

dazed said...

I know, it was a waste of time. But I needed to not think or move for a while. And with music, I think I start to think to much. Sometimes. And I had just done an hour with the iPod on the walk. I should have like read a book!

Anonymous said...

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