Friday, June 23, 2006

Just a Good Ol' Boy.....

Shhhh... It's very very quiet here. But I can't tell you where I am! You can guess, but I still won't tell you if you are right.

So last night I did a silly ass thing. I went to get some grub, at 6&34 in Sheffield. I got in the parking lot, and went to get out of my car, and realized that I didn't bring my moneys! Yikes! And I was almost out of gas. Duh. So I went home again. Husband went and got chinese.

Then I painted a few things, wooden boxes to be exact, and then I started to read my Helen of Troy Book again. The damn Troyan war has been going on for 10 years now in this book! Jeez! Who knew? I did some Journaling in my "About Me" scrapbook. Then at like 11:30 Anya called me and I chatted with her for a LONG time, and then I read a bit more and went to sleep. Pretty normal evening.

I am looking forward to the weekend! Tonight I will babysit Ava for a while, and the rest of the weekend is FREE! I plan on finishing painting the sewing room and starting to put everything back together as it is all unarranged, shelves pulled away from the walls, sewing machine and tables moved all about... etc. I also hope to finish cleaning up the office and scrapbook room, and make a retirement card for a co-worker.

Hopefully we can slide in some swimming and some golfing, so I can try out my new golf clubs this weekend.

Have you seen all the new updates to Yahoo 360 yet? Whoa! I was working on my page. I discovered that I can tie my Flickr Photostream to my yahoo profile and my 360 page, as well as my Blogger account through my RSS Feed, so that my recent blog posts and Flickr photos show up on my Yahoo 360 page. Then I made the mistake of Searching for other Meagan Johnson's on Yahoo 360. WHOA. Check out Oregon Babe- she shows pictures of her in her wedding dress in her profile, **cough cough** and her "blast" says "I'm seperated and getting a divorce." Ummm- okay. And most of the groups she belongs to are about coping with divorce and seperation. Ironic?. And this Meagan is from Hazzard Kentucky. as in DUKES of... interesting. You know, when I was a kid, I was ALL about Bo Duke. Wow. I had two General Lee Matchbox Cars, one that had a front end that spun around and looked "crashed" one minute and Good as new the next. I used to make ramps and roads in my sandbox and Ram the General Lee into everything. I'd Screech "Uncle Jesse!" and "daisy duke!" and have a blast.

Now, being older, I look back on those days and think WHY oh WHY didn't I see how hot Luke Duke was. How could I have missed it! But you see, when I was a kid, I wanted a blonde haired blue eyed boyfriend, and a blonde haired blue eyed husband... I swore I would have just that. And then I got into high school. And I met Evan. Dark hair and dark eyes and everything I wanted. Isn't that bizarre? But it is interesting that sometimes I still pick the light hair and eyes... Matthew McConahey, David Caruso... but I totally swoon for the Vin Diesels, the Eric Balfours, the Mark Wahlbergs and the Liev Schreibers. In the end, the dark eyes and hair have it. The more mysterious the better. And that Bo Duke fantasy, just a thing of the past.

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Tina said...

It just amazes me every time you mention that you and Evan met in high school. That is so RARE these days! Wonderful stories for your grandchildren!

I think I've mentioned this before, but John Schneider was my very first crush too. Now I definitely prefer them dark. Clive Owen, Rupert Everett, Keanu Reeves. Rrrroowrrr.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

It's actually Hazard, as in one z. Dukes of Hazzard got the title from Hazard, KY, but changed the spelling due to copyright issues or something of the sort.

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