Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Always wear a mask......

Okay, at the risk of scaring you all away, I HAVE to tell you about my dream.

Firstly, I went to high school (and grade school and junior high) at Manlius School District. When we were Juniors, in 1995, they voted to consolidate with several other small schools and form one district. It was wonderful, we were offered so many more classes and met so many new friends. So my Senior Year, we moved school buildings and not long after that, the High School building at Manlius was demolished, leaving only the elementary school and turning the junior high into the district offices. So this makes my dream all the stranger. Now, everyone on the internet (alumnis) will search and find this blog post and I will regret it, but oh well.

So in my dream, all I remember is that my best friends and classmates my entire life, AJK & CL(F)S, and I were going on a trip. This is "present day." But on our trip we were going to visit a guy from high school, who I would call a "friend" but not a good friend. We know him. We talked to him. We don't really keep in touch much, but we do know him. Which also made this bizarre. Well in real life he lives about an hour from here.... but in the dream, we were meeting him at his "workplace" which ended up being the Manlius Grade School. When we got there, I was like "the school?" and AJK & CL(F)S were like "yeah, he is the janitor, but it's now a nightclub/restraunt!" and I was like WHAT? The grade school is a nightclub? (imagine the strangeness.)

So he meets us at the door and we go inside. He is like "it's great that you are here, because it's alumni night" and we were like What? and he said "You know, a party for the Manlius alumni. Everyone's here." And the next thing I know, we are being led through the hallways, past the kindergarden, where the music room used to be, and down towards the cafeteria hallway (where my mom worked) and then they turned us to go UP the ramp towards the Junior High and High School (you have to have been in the building to be with me here.)

And when we got to the ramp, I realized that I had lost AJK & CL(F)S somewhere and that I was face to face with a group of people. They were all dressed like it was Mardi Gras. All the women were wearing masks and they were topless. Completely Topless. And they were handing out masks and beads and wands and temporary glittery tattoos. It was all very glittery and exotic, and it was mostly dark with bar lighting and decorations. It was just like Mardi Gras in there. And The next thing I know, I have no top on either, and I am like "WHOA what's going on" and the lady in the mask (who I have this nagging feeling was a teacher of mine) says "all the ladies have no tops, this is Mardi Gras!" and she places strands of sparkly beads around my neck, hands me a mask and a glittery wand. It's about then that I was thinking of turning around, when I realize that another, male teacher (Mr. Andresen!) is standing behind me in line, and If I turn around, he will see me topless. So on second thought I put on the mask so that hopefully no one recognizes me. I start to follow the groups of people heading for the high school gym. And someone mentions that "every Manlius Alumni" is there, when I realize that my DAD is a Manlius Alumni, and here I am with no top on. I have GOT to get out of here because my DAD will recognize me, topless, and that would be totally embarassing.

Then I woke up.

And I realized where PART of this came from. The class of 1996 was recently honored at a Manlius High School Alumni event... but there was no Manlius Class of 1996 because TECHNICALLY we graduated from bureau Valley as the first class of 1996. Where the Mardi Gras theme came from, I have no idea, but It reminded my vaguely of "eyes wide shut" where you knew people and were in disguise.... (another movie that I thought looked good, convinced my friends to see, and then they thought I was a total freak for even THINKING it would be good.)

Now the thing about my dad? Last night, before bed, I had just gotten out of the shower. I was lying in bed watching TV in my underwear and a towel on my head. No shirt. No bra. Windows were open but curtains in the bedroom were shut. I hear a guy's voice "Meagan?" and I thought it was Evan, so I sat up in bed and said "what" and he said "Come to the back door" and I was thinking "what is Evan doing OUTSIDE" and then I realized it was my DAD and then I realized that I was TOPLESS and then I realized that he was stopping by on his way home from work (2nd shift, it was midnight) and so I said "just a second" and pulled on a pajama chemise and ripped the towel off my head.

So apparently I was sub-consciously worried that my dad had seen me topless.
Strange- no?

And then one more time today, my friends JD and EF were emailing me and mentioning scandalous sex tapes on the internet, and my first response? "That's why I always wear a mask!"

Aha.... and it all works out for the best.

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astrocoz said...

That is hilarious! So Freudian! Isn't it strange how our everyday life slips into our brain while we sleep and then kinda throws a weird assed party to link it all together?

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