Sunday, June 18, 2006

Naked Sunday Sunburn

Weekend Documentary.

Friday- Had a long and busy day at work, got home around 7:30, took my backless diamond earrings to Zales in Peru where they claim the backs need to be professionally refitted and sent them away. They polished my wedding bands to remove scratches and whisked them through a cleaning till they positively sparkled.

Bought a cute new shirt and matching earrings to wear 4th of July weekend.

Went to Target and bought my golf clubs.

Tried a new Arby's Wrap- Chicken salad- mmmm great!

Got home at 10:30, changed clothes, new make-up, kissed husband, and off to Mineral at 12:10am to meet my sister. Had a few drinks bought by Dane Maupin and hung out with Dane, Ty Kipp, and Travis Miller, and my sister Liz till 2am. Took the long way home, out through my old stompin grounds. Stopped to Pee along the road. Got home at 2:30am, husband got home, we stayed up till 4am.

Saturday- Woke up at 8:30, went to Dover for an altered tins class (scrapbooking/stamping) and then came home through the traffic of 100 miles of garage sales on US Route 6. Wyanet was hopping. Evan and I decided to go swimming. Took the dogs with us. Went out to the farm, had the pool to ourselves. I commenced some topless sunbathing. A Stealth Bomber flew overhead in circles, about 5 times. After worrying that we were being bombed, we talked to someone via cell phones that clarified there was an airshow in Lasalle/Peru. Husband made a very flattering comment, quite by mistake, that took me really off guard but made me happy.

Husband- **Sitting on the deck smoking a cigarette** "If that bomber flys over again they are going to get quite a show"
Wife- **Floating topless in the pool** "They can't see me, they are way up there."
Husband- "They have radar scopes that would see an ant crawling into an ant hill, don't kid yourself"
Wife- "Well I don't care if they see my boobs. It's not like they have never seen boobs before. And probably better ones than mine."
Husband- "I don't care either. It's not like they are going to land in the beanfield over there and track you down. (**pauses thoughtfully**) Better boobs, huh? Well, yours are pretty damn good. There aren't really better boobs than that. It takes talent to have boobs like that."

Wife- **floating on the raft smiling* "talent? more like good genes"

We both dozed in the sun. 3 hours later we picked up and left. We came home, took showers, and my parents came to pick us up. We went to celebrate Father's Day by going to the Pizza Hut Bistro in Peru for supper. Then we went to See Cars (It was great, a little too long, but it was good.) and then Laser Light Bowling for two games. I got 2nd place in both games. I tied with my sister for second in the first game. Everyone was freaked out because Evan typed my name in as "Dazed" and then when we finished I bowled an 81 both games. So I was "dazed81" twice. And "dazed81" is my license plates, my web address, my email, and my blogger address. Strange! Husband and my dad both commented on my bowling consistency. Right down the center. Very consistent. Nice release, but I just needed a heavier ball because I the majority of my frames would have been strikes with a heavier ball. I always had 1 pin left standing, or maybe 2. Sometimes I could pick up the spare, but only if I had the remaining pins on the center or left.

By the time we left the Bowling Alley Saturday night, I knew my skin was burnt good. When we got home I tore my clothes off (carefully) and husband put Ocean Potion on me, that awesome aloe with Lidocaine. I proceeded to sleep for 10 hours (sheer exhaustion after only 4 hours of sleep Friday) and now we have so much to do (cleanup) before the cleaning people come tomorrow. I am pretty much having a naked day because I am as red as a lobster. Even the tops of my feet are red. I have one white stripe horizontally across my body from my bottoms. Besides that I am red. At least my back didn't really burn, just the front. I tried to flip but I think when I lay on the deck for a while, that's when the burn started. And I would rather be burnt on the front than the back. So I lay in bed, eating pistachios and watching the Breakfast Club. I decided to do some naked sunburnt blogging. And next I will do naked housekeeping. Won't that be fun? I am too burnt to try out my new golf clubs today, as previously planned.

I wish I had pictures. Really.

Happy Father's Day!

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