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I was reading this post recently, by J's Mommy. She was talking about how she has a potential new friend right next door, and that she is so excited, and is afraid she will be so excited that she will scare her away. When I read that I laughed, because It's rare that you meet new people living where we live, and it's rare that you meet a new person who is "friend" material. It's just a small town, new people don't move in all that often, and new people your age with similar interests don't move in to often either. So her post made me chuckle.

And this morning I had a revelation.

When we went to Chicago for the Cubs game, I may have mentioned that we met my friend PG's friend Rene. The first thing I noticed about her? Thin, blonde, chic looking in her cool coat... and SO looking like she wouldn't like frumpy me in a sweatshirt. But the second thing I noticed? Rene was awesome. She was so warm and fun! She had hilarious stories and all of us just clicked instantly. Even though we had never met before, my husband and I agreed with my longtime friend Angela, that we felt like we had known her forever. She lives in Chicago now but she is from New York, and works in publishing. Her job seems so glamorous and the whole New York thing.... wow. We all kinda fell in love with Rene! You may recall that I mentioned we chatted about blogging, she doesn't blog but is familiar with blogging, knows some bloggers, reads some blogs, and knows the fallout that is caused when a blogger with a "mystery identity" is revealed... especially when she is blogging about work (which I do not do, just to point out to you!)

I gave Rene my blog/website address. I hoped to hear from her and I didn't. For a while. Then one day I mentioned to my friend PG that I hadn't heard from her. I instantly thought "she went to my blog and she was like 'This is so lame'" and so she didn't even comment or anything. I will probably never hear from her again! And then I sent the pictures that we took to PG, who forwarded them to Rene, and she emailed me! I don't know if she wanted to, or if PG made her feel bad because he mentioned that I hadn't heard from her, but I was SOOO super excited! I wanted to write back immediately... and then it happened. I had nothing to say. Nothing!

Everything I thought of typing sounded so LAME-O and boring midwest-ish that I couldn't bring myself to write Rene an email that had no point! No Fire! No trendy cool... something! I mean her name is cool. Her clothes are cool. She's from New York! And I am going to write her an email about.... what? The jar of gummy worms on my desk being almost empty? My car needing an oil change? Buying cheese at the bar? I can't even imagine? Why would she want to hear anything that I have to say? So I totally panicked. And I didn't write her back. I just kept putting it off, and putting it off.... and now it's like "It's been too long and it looks like you don't even like her" when the reality is "I really thought she was so cool that I can't bear to send her a stupid email and have her never speak to me again!"

Is this bizarre? My god! I keep thinking that anyday something exciting and worthy of Rene will happen and I can totally email her and have some great thing to say! Like "Hey Rene it's great to hear from you! I am sorry I didn't write back sooner but I won the lottery!" Or maybe "I bought a fabulous new car!" or "we were on VACATION!" or "I'm pregnant!" (don't get started people, that's just an example of good and worthy news!)

So it's like everyday I see Rene's email in my inbox and I inwardly groan. I want to write back to her SOOO BADLY but I am like WHAT do I SAY that is worthy of a chick with such a cool name?! ( I have a great uncle Rene, ironic?) But I am just at such a LOSS!

I mean it's not like Rene and I will ever hang out every weekend, we are 2 hours away from each other and all that. But her husband worked in Austin and taught school at the SAME LOCATION where they shot my FAVORITE move Dazed and Confused! He took her all over Austin and showed her the places where certain scenes were shot! I was like NO WAY! How cool is that? I didn't get to meet her husband while we were there but I was super excited about that. It was just so neat!

But how boring am I, that I started (or elongated at least) a discussion about TV antennas and why we need them on our roofs out in BFE. I am sure Rene was fascinated. Damn!

So hope that something exciting happens soon because I really really want to write Rene back, without scaring her away. Any advice?
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Shon Richards said...

I find it funny that you can blog nearly every day but you are afraid to find anything to talk about to someone who knows you. Stop thinking of her as someone who is going to reject you and think of her as someone who you might have stuff to talk about.

And actually, I would send her an e-mail about how you wish you had blah blah blah to share but alas your life has been unexciting. Just make sure blah blah blah is really cool and she'll join in your desire to have a more exciting adventerous life.

Michelle said...

We are so alike it's scary. This is my problem with commenting on your blogs ... I think you are such a neat person and anything I say is "LAME-O" or at least I think it sounds that way!! Too funny!

I wish you were my neighbor so we could be friends!

Tina said...

Oh, M, that's so silly! Just e-mail her and chat; I'm sure she'd be really glad to hear from you. Hey, I know! This is going to sound so arrogant that I already want to throw up, but you could tell her that another friend (me) is having a book published by Random House. Gack. Or not. Feel free not to. But it's something publishing-related, right?

dazed said...

I did it! Thanks for all the encouragement! It wasn't as hard as I thought. You know me, once I start to talk (type) you can't shut me up! Tina I was just reading your blog the other day and I mean to comment, but wasn't sure what to say! :)

P.S. Michelle I LOVE your comments. Keep them coming!

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