Friday, June 02, 2006

I was Questioned by the Po-Lice!

Quick Update before I begin to ramble.... of what happened last night. First, when I got home I got immediately questioned by the police! A neighbor (not those neighbors, but another) had their house burglarized! Yikes!

I also watched Ava for about an hour while her mom and dad took a bike ride. Then I hung out and ate a Taco salad without lettuce because that damn Wal-Mart sells bags of lettuce and salad that are 1 day from their due date, and mine was already slimy and I had Just Bought it like Wednesday. Seriously what is UP with that?

Then I crocheted for a long while. Then I read Jenny McCarthy's book "Belly laughs" (yes, all in one sitting, about an hour it took me) and then I went to sleep at about 2:38am.

This morning I got up early (husband snoring, want to leave work at a decent time tonight) and I should be at work before 9am, which is an hour and a half earlier than usual.

And then I found out that I lost the back off one of my diamond earrings, but luckily caught it in time to save the earring. So now It's Hi-ho, Hi-ho, Back to Zales I go....

And that's that! I will br writing a big post later but I just wanted to get this one out before I go to work for the day! Have a good Friday!

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Some Random Girl said...

you shouldn't wear diamonds. they are mined by little children and tons of people get killed. diamonds are marketed by a cartel. It's serious stuff. thought you might like to know.

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