Friday, June 09, 2006

Peas For Lunch

I love canned peas. Why do frozen peas have to have all these dents in them? Is it something that happens during the freezing? I like soft, olive-y green canned peas sans mystery dents, thank you.
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[m]att™ said...

Why don't you just eat fresh peas ?

It avoids the dents and the metal-can-residue taste altogether !

I'm brilliant ! :D

Kristi said...

Back in the day, that was a regular lunch item for me. Talk about cheap meals?

Tina said...

Ah, there we differ. Frozen peas are my favorite. There's something about canned peas that tastes fermented to me; when I was small I used to call canned peas 'beer peas'. Vive la difference ;)...

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