Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Thank You.

Why is it, that when I do something for someone else, and they say Thank You, I say "thank you" back to them? What the Fuck is up with that? If I volunteered my time, if I fixed a problem, etc. (this isn't involving work, I mean like in my personal life.) Every time someone says Thank You... I say "thank you" right back. I need my head examined. I need suggestions of polite responses. I don't want to say "anytime" because that's not the truth. I don't always want to be the go to girl. How about I just say "you're Welcome." ?? Maybe you all could start calling and/or emailing me, and you say thank you, and I can practice saying "your welcome." Why is it that I thank someone for something that I did as a favor to them? Is there anyone else out there with this problem? A support group? Thank-You-A-Holics. Thank-A-Holics-Anonymous? Your-Welcome-Phobics?

Thanks. Thank YOU for reading. Thank You.
Thanks. really. Thank You.
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