Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Man will say anything to Sell his Sausage!

As you can see by my HNT Picture, last night I crocheted several "passes" on the 4-year blanket. I think I made it across about 4 times. I watched 2 episodes of Law and Order SVU that I had Tivo'd. I am trying to get all the Tivo'd shows off the box in our bedroom so that I can call the cable company and have them take it back. When we first considered the second box, the representative told me I would be able to record twice as much and have twice as much space to record. She lied. She didn't have a freaking clue what she was talking about. The space and the number of things we can record at once is shared between the two boxes. I have been paying $15.95 a month extra for a box that doesn't give us anything extra really. So I am going to call and have them remove it, and also have them change our package and decrease our channels. I would like to keep the Encore movie channels and Comedy Central and Cartoon Network, but we can lose the sports and also all the other cartoon channels. That will save us some case, probably $20-$25 a month.

Last night I went to the Dawg House (bar in Wyanet) and bought some cheese from the "cheese man." Just like any man... he lied about his sausage. I said "how much is your summer sausage?" and he said "$10.50." By the look on his face he could tell I thought that was expensive. "But that's for XXounces" he said, "and it's about (holding out his hands) this long..." I must have still looked skeptical. He said (it's like what your first boyfriend tells you) "That's the only size they come in." And then he proceeded to say "I know it's a lot but the sell by date isn't till September so it will keep for a really long time." and so I bought one to go with my apple jack cheese and the garlic cheese curds. And after he left, I was having a drink with Anya and my long lost and good friend Dave Lewis, and I looked at the sausage and saw "sell by date July 2006." Damn it! Fooled again! Moral of the story: Never believe what a guy says about his sausage! OH well.

When I got home, Evan and I watched a bit o'TV. I ate a chicken salad wrap. I cut out another set of fabric for my next moopy. Husband said my feet were stinky (damn pantyhose!) and so I took a bath and started crocheting. I went to sleep about 2:53am.

This morning I did NOT want to get up. Instead of getting up at 9am as I usually do, I woke up at 10:08 and got ready for work and was walking out the door in exactly 10 minutes. Which means that I look freaking Beautiful today. No makeup (except Mascara), threw on clothes (clean ones though) and threw my hair in a ponytail (with the fake ponytail attachment.) and Voila! Instant Gratification. I walked in the door to work on time, even after having to pass three farmers going 40mph and staring at the fields.

swEEt! Tonight? Maybe I will sew my next moopy, or maybe I will cut another moopy and make two at once. Or maybe I will crochet or maybe Anya will teach me how to knit. Or maybe I will do laundry. Or maybe I will roll around naked in a pile of Benjamins. Or maybe I will take the dragon out for a fly. Or maybe I will stare at the longaberger catalog, make a retirement card for my friend KVD, or a graduation card for AV. Or maybe I will pose for Playboy, get PMOY and a new Dodge Charger Super Bee! Oh the possibilities are endless!

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