Monday, June 26, 2006

Good Morning Sunshine!

Well, I woke up late this morning, and discovered that I lost another pound over the weekend, despite my Saturday night indulgence in Fried Chicken along with my salad bar. Yum. So that is good news.

Then I checked my email and saw that I had 5 "rent my blog" denials. I must really suck. No one wants me. Ever. I have like over 300 credits stacked up, and each week, at least twice a week, I bid away all of my 300 credits and then get denied on every one. So I just keep accumulating credits. AND on top of that I had no comments on the 100 Flickr photos I uploaded on Sunday. AND on top of that I got an email that had my blog stats for the week, and the reading has cut in half. I could tell that some by the lack of comments. It's a shame what summertime does to the blogosphere. At least that's what I am going to blame it on.

So that's all I have right now.

But I am looking forward to this week, payday week, going to pay all the bills, get groceries since we are out, get a pedicure (it's been since forever!) and looking forward to a visit from My friend Erin who is coming to stay with us over the Holiday weekend. Looking Forward to a big party/cookout/fireworks at Jackson's house and a cookout/swim party we will have on Sunday. I am on the weekend "duties" at work, but that will only take about 15 minutes each day, and then I will be the only one in my department working on Monday, but I have Tuesday COMPLETELY off work next week, So I look forward to that! Yeah! Holiday! Yeah!

Gearing up.

Hoping to clean out our closets this week and get rid of old clothes, I can hardly keep my pants on now (how is that any different you guys ask?) well because NOW they are too big and they keep falling off, which is good. For the longest time I have just been wearing them a size too big, but I think they are getting a little too large now, so it's probably time for some new drawerz. But since I just got FOUR new pair of shoes I think I need to take it one step at a time!

I also hope to finish painting the sewing room this week... I meant to do it yesterday, but I didn't. Bad bad bad wifey. I did start a new book, The Linnet Bird.... which has so far been good. She begins by writing the story of her life from childhood, Much like The Memoirs of Helen of Troy- and by 12 years old she had already been sold by her stepfather into prostitution, turning 1-2 tricks every night after a 10 hour shift as a bookbinder... and she almost gets murdered by a John who has syphilis and is out to kill a whore in every city for revenge... and instead she kills HIM, and his people leave her for dead, cut up, hair shorn, and locked in a trunk thrown in the river.... So um yeah. Good book.

It seems that all the Historical Fiction/Memoir books I have been reading lately are filled with women who are abused but rise above it. Because back in the day, rape and beating of women, even of your own wife or underage girls, was a normal everyday thing. Arranged marraiges and men who force themselves on women.... babies born from those rapes and belonging to your brother-in-law were not uncommon... which makes me realize every day how good most of our lives are now. I can tell you that from this point forward, every time I face a hardship, I plan on thinking of Helen of Troy for inspiration and encouragement, because she went through more than any woman I've ever met and still kept a kick ass perspective on things, and was able to triumph and find love repeatedly. Being a mother to 10 children, all but one of who were brutally murdered at a young age through war or sacrifice.... and all of her siblings brutally murdered... and two of her three lovers murdered while fighting to keep her. Whoa.

Enough of that for now. Did I mention how much I love to read?

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Ingleburt said...

we all deserve comments, don't you tink?

Live on, free soul.

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