Saturday, December 17, 2005

Wrapping Presents, Moving In.

I decided to take a break from wrapping presents and blog a bit. I have "stamp cramp" - which for those of you who know, is the cramp that you get in your hand from stamping too many things repeatedly. I make my own wrapping paper, and I have about 20 gifts to wrap, so I have to make the paper for each gift, then I can wrap it. I made my tags last Wednesday evening, so that part is at least completed. I just finished a bunch of gifts, and I have the stamp cramp, so I am taking a break.

The living room is "done" now, the final coat of stain on the woodwork/trim/doors/windows. So last night I got some mini things done. There is still no furniture in the room because we really don't have much. Just two recliners, the TV armoire, and a floor lamp- and then some baskets and a crock on the floor. So I cleaned all the glassware, including all then new Mikasa wine glasses and shot glasses that we got for our wedding presents, and put them away in the built in cabinet again. Then I moved my new little wine cupboard into the dining room, it's the only thing in the entire room, besides the corner bakers rack I just bought. It is just killing me to not have new furniture to put in the new room. Killing me. I am dying for a dining room table and chairs, and for the dream hutch and the sideboard table. It's tough.

Also posted is a picture of Boyd standing by the presents I just wrapped, and of course we have no tree up, so they are just hanging out on the floor. Except one of the presents has some food in it and Boyd keeps sniffing it and trying to lick it... so I have to watch him.

As always, click on the pics to view them larger.


Tina said...

Everything looks great. You'll have your new furniture before you know it. Hope you have some help with the unpacking!

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