Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Totalled a State Police Car. Oops.

Not me. My contractor. So THAT's where he was yesterday. You see, he is a friend of the family, but he will remain nameless to protect his privacy. He has some health issues, and was on his way to the doctor, and he was a passenger in his own Durango, and there was black ice and they rear ended a police car going 45 mph. Then he ended up getting TAKEN to the hospital and given morphine for his neck/back pain, and the Durango got towed away. The state police car was totalled, they basically drove up over the back end. The policeman was outside of the car, there were other crashed cars ahead of him, and a semi sitting in the right lane. So they either had to hit the semi head on or drive over the squad car. The Air bags on the Durango never deployed, but luckily they were wearing their seatbelts. So that is why he never showed up or called yesterday. Pretty damn good excuse, eh?

But this morning he was there painting up a storm and all the walls are now painted. I didn't like the orange I picked out (yes orange) for the one wall, so I picked another orange and we will retry tomorrow with a darker orange. I was worried about it being too dark, so we picked this color, but it was WAY too bright. But I did nail the other colors right on the head. Yeah me! So I am excited. This means that before much longer we might be done. Floors then trim. Floors than trim. Yippee!!

I worked 3-10:15 last night, and I will work noon till probably 9pm today. Then tomorrow I will be back to normal, since I have a haircut on Thursday night. This weekend- I don't really have any plans, except to lie low. I should probably consider Christmas Cards, But I think that this year we will be sending New Year's cards instead. It just seems more practical. And I have my house all tore up, and I JUST sent out hundreds of photo cards as wedding thank you's. SO I am good for a while.

My mind is fixed on how I can get furniture. But really it will probably be a waiting game... until I can get things paid off. My car, our wedding loan, and all my debts will be paid off in 1 year. I have just go to make it one more year. And I hope that Karma will not come kick my ass, because I do not need my car to crap out on me or anything like that.

My buddhapad is on it's way, I am very excited about this. I would really like a dark wood or an amber carved buddha for my living room. However, I don't have any side tables yet (icky) to sit him on. I want one of the smiling buddhas, with the round belly. A sitting one. Someone to remind me of sending out good Karma. Maybe kind of a coppery color. I have seen some really cool ones on ebay, mostly from China or Thailand, or some are from Japan. But the shipping on them is anywhere from $25-$45! Yikes! But they are cheap.

Maybe when I actually have a living room. And some side tables.

I have recently become obsessed with my Yahoo avatar.
Yahoo! Avatars
I can change her mood. Everytime I check my email, she is there looking at me, so I always make her reflect my mood. I change her outfit. I change her background. It's entertaining me. No one else sees her. Just me. But that makes me happy. I got prompted to join yahoo 360, but what annoyed me is that I can start a blog there, but I can't link to my current blog from there. Like I want to start an all new blog?

Most people don't know that my website is hosted at Yahoo Geocities and has been for about 6 years. I also receive ALL of my email through yahoo. I have all of my accounts forwarded or added into my yahoo. I have 6 emails currently - but I login once and they all come to one inbox. So no matter what email you choose, it all comes to me at the same place. Which is awesome.

Yesterday I made my avatar all sad and crying. She's so cute when she pouts. I think I will leave her that way for a while.

It is freaking FREEZING today. Cold I tell you. That's all.
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