Thursday, December 22, 2005

Meagan got ran over by a Reindeer.....

Sing it now! Yep! Last night a deer attacked me. I was leaving Princeton on my way to my mom's house (country roads, take me home) and It was SUPER dark out. I was thinking to myself "this is eerie and there are probably lots of deer waiting to jump out at me" so I scaled it back a bit and cruised along, watchful. I even had my glasses on. Got all the way through Manlius and about 1/4 mile from my mom's, before Brian Hochstatter's "house" (he doesn't live there) and Jim and Sherry Jensen's. I saw a buck. I slowed down and honked, he stood and gawked, per usual. there were more behind him, he was on my right. No big deal. They always lie down in the field and in the ditch right there. Seriously. You city folks probably think that's a crock of shit but I am dead serious. Deer out there travel in herds, sometimes as many as 50 or 80 deer cross or graze at a time and that is the norm. The pines out there are their home. And I am super familiar with that because that's where I spent the first 22 years of my life. I remember being in the middle of the road and having deer brushing up against the car sniffing it, and I had to honk and roll down the window and yell to get them to move. I have also hit two coyotes in my time.

SO anyway. As I am just accelerating away from the "herd" I see a doe bustin ass towards me from my left, like she just realized all of her buddies are on the other side of the road. I am going like 40 and she is coming right for me. I got the brakes slammed on and I am honking and heading for the ditch away from her, and she is like on a mission. Just kept coming. I knew I was hitting her (or actually she was hitting me) and that there was no avoiding it. I was going pretty slow, so when she hit me it wasn't too serious. I saw her thrown back and she staggered. I was like oh fuck, if I have to go back there and drag a dead deer out of the middle of the road, that will totally suck. But then I see things all like Tommy Boy and she isn't really dead. So I whip a shitty in the road, and go back... Deer is gone! Must not have hurt her too bad. I didn't see any blood or anything.

So I drove to my mom's, just around the corner, and got out to see the damage. Firstly, my car (99 grand prix gt) is a TANK. It bounces back from everything. It's one of the best cars I have ever had. I didn't see any dents, just a HUGE chunk of deer hair embedded and some deer poo where the deer must have crapped in fear. So anyway, the drivers side door creaks when opening, as it rubs against the front quarter panel, so I know the panel got pushed in and back. I haven't tried to open the hood yet. That will be another sign that it is out of whack. I tried to go get the estimate this morning, but wasn't able to as motor wasn't in the shop. I of course use Wyanet Body shop for all my repair work. So I will go get an estimate tomorrow.

When I was at mom's I called the county and they sent out an officer (LRowland, from Manlius) who I have known my whole life. We sat in the kitchen at mom and dad's and filled out the report. And I wrapped Evan's giant Christmas Surprise and took it home with me.

Last night was pretty relaxed after all of that excitement, and getting my hair cut. I will do a little "dog sitting" for Harley (josh and lisa's chocolate lab) on Friday night/Sat morning... and we plan on doing some furniture shopping, I am HOPING friday night, if not monday.

We have two Christmas Eve's (as usual) at the exact same time, so we will split up and go to our respective family's celebrations. Then Christmas Day we go to mom's for presents and a late lunch. The menu sounds fabulous this year, Lasagna and Garlic Bread with cheese, and baked breaded stuffed olives. Yum. there are other goodies too but those are the ones that stick in my mind. We both have Monday off work.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, when I left mom's and headed for home, all of those deer were lying in the ditch right where I had hit that doe. They looked all bedded down for the night. I thought one of them might be her. None of them limped or looked injured, and they all stood up and pranced away when I honked.

Welcome to the country folks.


jackson said...

Deer do exactly as you say they are in huge herds this time of the year and yeah at times they run right you. I think they dare each other to run out. dont worry I am going hunting again tomorrow, going to take my son out for the first time. We will have to try and get one for you

dazed said...

awww.... he's so little. Little Camo clothes are too cute.
Have fun.

Anonymous said...

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