Friday, December 30, 2005

Make Your Own Magazine Cover!

So this is a cool site. You can make your own magazine cover! With your own text, colors, pictures, etc. How cool. Check it out.

Now, I had to figure out some "cover-worthy" news so I decided to blog about my friend Carrie (Freeman) Stokes, who lives in Utah with her husband Jay. Carrie and Jay are expecting a baby in July, and since I have kept my lips sealed for a month and a half, and now most people know, I decided that I can finally spill the beans online.

Um, I didn't ask Carrie. So we will see how long before she sees this and what she thinks. But I thought her news is well worth the cover of a magazine. So I made one. Click on the cover to see it full sized.

:) Grow Baby Grow! Can't wait to see Belly pictures....

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