Thursday, December 08, 2005

Let it Snow!

Well, I worked till 9pm yesterday. Then I went home. It was bitter cold. It's been in the single digits or below zero here, and just that frigid cold that makes your nose hair freeze and your legs tingle when you get back inside. Well, Evan knew that I wanted to talk with him, so he avoided me and didn't come home until 5am. Isn't that fabulous? I tried writing him a letter, since he won't talk to me, but he ignored it. Fab. So I was awake at 5am and I couldn't get back to sleep I was all upset. I can always tell when I am upset because I don't eat. I haven't eaten in 24 hours now and I am not even the least bit hungry. I will just drink my water. So I decided to just get out of bed, take a shower and get ready. I delivered Evan's mom's Pampered Chef in Buda, then drove through sheffield to kill time. I went to work by 7:30am.

The weather forecast has been steadily increasing our chances of snow, it was supposed to be 2-4 inches. Then it was 3-4. Then this morning it was 3-5. By 7:30 it had increased again to 4-6, and now they are calling for 5-7 inches. The National weather Service says we are directly in the path of the heaviest snow. Looking at 4 inches by nightfall and 2 more before it's all over tonight. The map says it all.... take a look at the radar! Look at all that red, orange, and pink. If you look closely at the map, towards the center, I have written my name in black, in an attempt to label where I am located- work is at about the G in my name, and home is somewhere between the E and the First A in my name. The kicker is that around here, when it snows more than 3 inches in one day, things practically shut down. People burrow in. Rural roads are just closed, they just shutdown the plows. For city folk, that doesn't make much sense. But that's just how things operate. But working at a healthcare facility, if you don't get out while the getting is good, no one will ever come to releive you, and you will be the lone ranger, stuck here for days. At least there are beds and showers, but I am not sure that means you can use them. I would just stay in my office and live off ice and sliced cheese from my fridge.

At least we have lots of toilet paper at home, and good books to read. There isn't much for food but I think I can make it through with the few frozen pizzas and the ice cream cake. There's no bread but there is lunchmeat and cheese. And lots of tuna and ramen noodles.

Everytime we get a measley snow, I think of Laura Ingalls Wilder. I think of Little House on the Prairie times and all the prairie people when the snow was so deep in the midwest and the prairie states that they had to tie a rope between the barn and the house to go feed the cows and horses. I think of how the snow was so high they couldn't open their doors. They would climb out the upstairs window onto the snow and walk to the barn holding onto the rope and carrying a lantern. How extreme is that? I think about the prairie grass for miles, and how there was nothing but the trees to block the wind, no structures for miles. I think about the snow blowing up against the houses and LITERALLY being snowed in. I think about using a hole in the ground outside as your "icebox" and keeping meat and other perishables outside to keep them frozen all winter long.

It goes to show how screwed up our ecosystem is now. global warming. Eeww.

Karma even applies to the earth. When you do good things for the earth, she will give good things back. When you trash her, she will fall apart. Reap what you sow eh?

I am wondering if I can get Karma to apply to husband, to get him out of his funk so that I don't have to move out and become a bachelorette or a divorcee. How do people ever get divorced. It is like moving a mountain. No wonder those people can be scarred for life. I am scarred for life just thinking about going through it.

Here's to snow. The rest of Gregory MacGuire's Wicked, a hot cup of cocoa, and a good stock of toilet paper.


Michelle said...

It's snowing like crazy here in NW Ohio - supposed to get 6 inches ... probably came from your place! A big cup of cocoa sounds wonderful!

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