Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I'm High Maintenance, Baby...

I would like some help determining the difference between high maintenance and "normal" - whatever that is.

Is high maintenance defined by how much money you cost? Is it defined by the brand name you wear? Is it defined by the car you drive? Is it defined by the the things you demand of others, particularly of your spouse (husband or boyfriend I suppose)? Is it a combination of the above? Is it defined by if you are "real" or "fake" and is that physical (boobs, plastic surgery, hair color) or emotional "fakeness" or a combination of both?

I would have to say that an example of high maintenance would be Eva Longoria's character in Desperate Housewives, or perhaps by Paris Hilton. but depending on the society that you live in, I suppose your definition of high maintenance may differ dramatically. If you like to be taken seriously but still have fun, if you like to have control of things, dress nicely at work, have nice things, and feel pretty, is that high maintenence? Or is high maintenance described by having superficial values and looks?

I like victoria's secret underwear. All other underwear tends to have strings that hang off it and elastic snafus. (is that how you spell that? I mean snafu as in wardrobe malfunction.) I also like pretty nails, mostly because I chew mine constantly and can't stand them, so I like acrylics. I also like pedicures and massages. I don't get them regularly, but I do enjoy a good pedicure with friends and I never ever have my toes unpainted. I like to ask for pedicures for gifts- like a gift certificate to the salon. I have pretty feet, I like to focus on them. I also like to highlight my hair. I like to wear make-up. Do I shop at Wal-Mart? Yes. Do I get my hair done in Hollywood? no. In chicago? No. Does it still look awesome? You bet your ass. I like to look nice. I like my shoes, purse, and jewelry to match. Does that make me high maintenance? I like to shop. At Wal-mart and Target and at the mall occasionally. I like to shop online. But I love ebay, or any bargain.

But when you factor in that I drive a car that is 7 years old, albeit in excellent condition and nearly paid off, and the fact that I can shovel horse shit and drive a 4wheeler or motorcycle or snowmobile.... and the fact that I grew up on the farm.... does that have any say in whether I am high maintenance? And what if people didn't know those things, would I be MoRE high maintenance because of the things people don't know about me?

I guess I was thinking high maintenance because I answered a pang of longing that I was having for fake nails when I haven't had any since August (wedding)... and I wanted to have them as a pampering thing for the holidays, plus It's time to get a hair cut and a highlight, and I am thinking- wow, am I high Maintenance? Do people think that about me? Or am I just well groomed? Curious.

Leave a comment in the lasso of truth. Tell me what you feel about high maintenance. What defines it? What defines it for YOU?

I took two online quizzes. One said I was a "dominatrix". But it defined high maintenance as knowing what you want. Like do I speak up and say where I would like to eat, or do I just go where everyone else wants. Do I tell a guy what I want to drink or do I just drink what he picks out for me. Whatever. I'm not a DOORMAT. If he doesn't want to get me what I want- I will get it myself. Not sure that defines high maintenance. Although I don't mind the term dominatrix. But the second quiz said I was medium maintenance. Can't a girl just know what she wants and go for it? If I were a guy it would be considered empowering and determined, not "high maintenance."

You Are Medium Maintenance You aren't as hard to deal with as
some girls But you aren't the most laid back chick either You're easy to deal
with 90% of the time, but watch out for that 10%! Are You High
Maintenance? Take This Quiz

Crack that whip, baby. You don't take no for an answer unless that's
what you tell your slave to say--ever thought about seeing a shrink for those
control issues? Henpecking doesn't even begin to cover the level of your
dominance over your mate. Kneel before the master/mistress.....and wash those damned dishes, slave!
Take the "Are you High-Maintenance?" quiz by Rez/Sanagi no

Well, if I were high maintenance, I guarantee I would be shopping HERE.


Tina said...

I don't think liking nice things makes you high maintenance. Having a manicure is a great treat for yourself. But, like, if you refused to cook or clean or feed the dogs because it would ruin your nail polish, that would be high maintenance. Hmm. It's difficult to sum up in a few words. But you don't sound high maintenance to me.

IzzyMom said...

I always defined high maintenance as an emotional state of being. If you are exceptionally needy and obsess over the things in your life that you value, like a boyfriend or spouse, or really anything, then you are high-maintenance because you must always, always be reassured to the point of annoying everyone you know. I have a friend like this. She is high maintenance in every other way, too. Instead of reading her bank statement, she goes to the bank drive thru every single day and asks for a print out of her account. She has to have "crunchy" ice in her beverages so she regularly goes to this snooty market and asks them to put some of their ice from their ice machine in a big cup for her. I don't know where I'm going with this but this is how I define HM. It just takes SO much to maintain this person, emotionally and otherwise.

As for the quiz, I didn't do it but people always seem to equate me with their favorite dominatrix-type character. I'll take it and tell you what it says.

Anonymous said...

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