Sunday, December 04, 2005

Purple Toes and Painter's Woes

Yesterday (saturday december 3rd) was a very busy day. I woke up at 8am so that I could go get my pedicure (that was given to me as a birthday gift from my co-workers) at 9am. Then since there was 2 inches of snow on the ground, I stayed at the salon till my toes dried completely, instead of wearing flip flops through the snow. So I left Rita's Rendezvous at 10:30. Trish did a fabulous job as usual. I love her to death. I picked out a neat OPI color for my toes, called Grape Lakes (A Chicago color) and brought a bottle of it home I liked it so much.

So when I got here, I was home less than 1 hour when the new freezer was delivered, and the old one picked up. There were some dings in the sides, nothing major, just cosmetic, plus it is hard to complain about a free freezer that will just sit in your basement where no one will see it. But the cool thing, was that it has a new location, next to my cabinets of Pampered Chef entertaining stuff, baking supplies, and less used kitchen appliances, like my crock pots, the little rotisserie, and such. They also moved my little cream cabinet w/counter top from the old freezer room into the main room of the basement with the other cabinets and the new freezer. My Pampered Chef Roaster Pan is in there, along with all of my canning supplies, from pickling salt, to canning jars and lids, to my large stockpot.

So everything is all centrally located. And the Foosball table has relocated to a temporary position. Once the upstairs is finished, we will have the entire basement dry locked and painted, one room at a time. That will be nice, except for having to move everything and also for the laundry room being out of commission for a little while.

So after the freezer was delivered (thanks to John for helping Evan get the freezer into it's new home and get the foosball table moved) It was time to paint!

on Friday, both the living room and dining room were primered, and then the ceiling was painted. Then they put on the base coat for my two walls of Tuscan texture. On Saturday afternoon, mom and I painted on the Tuscan looking Texture and blended it. It was SOOOO easy and it looks FABULOUS! I am SO excited and I love it more than I could have possibly imagined. I am showing pictures here. You can see the color variations here, but not really the texture, and it is REALLY sharp in person, the pictures just don't do it justice!

Then Saturday night Evan and I put up Christmas decorations outside, one of our big lighted wreaths, the wreath on the door, the old sled with the little ice skates on the front steps, the garlands with pine cones down the outside banister. We tried to put out the Sylvania Lighted Deer, it is 2 years old and it won't work now. We checked all 6 fuses, and they are all okay, but it just won't work. Bummer. I am upset with that. We have only had him 2 years! So I pulled out of the attic the flat wire deer with lights that we have had for 5 years, and Evan plugged him right in. No problems. All of our garlands had lighting issues this year, so we had to cut all the lights off of them and now we have to re-string the garlands and hang them yet this week.

Today (Sunday) I have SO MUCH to get done. I was so tired from yesterday, I didn't get up till 12:45. I made lunch, and put Christmas Decorations up on the front porch, since I can't decorate anywhere else with the remodeling, and we won't have a tree (Sad sad sad)

I still need to get everything picked up for the cleaning people tomorrow, finally all the sanding is finished, so tomorrow I anticipate that all the walls will be painted, followed by the polyeurethane on both floors. The square in the center is already stained dark.

Today the dogs tried on their santa hat, per tradition, and we got a laugh at their expressions.
Check out those pictures posted here as well.


Tina said...

Love, love, love the Tuscan wall treatment.

jackson said...

I love the paint job, looks awesome

dazed said...

Thanks so much! I love it too! I can't wait till they paint the rest, and get the floors finished, and put the trim up! Now I just need to get all my current payments finished and I can get a dining room set to go in the "tuscan" room. And the living room will start to come together soon too! More pictures as things progress, I promise.

Anonymous said...

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