Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Tuesdays seem SOOO long. Firstly, It was hard because Monday was a "vacation" day and that made Tuesday a "monday" but worse because I was coming back from Christmas. On top of that, It's the night I clean the dog kennels, and I didnt get there till 7:15 because I worked till 7pm. So then We finished at 8:30pm and I had to go to Wal-Mart because we needed toothpaste and lightbulbs, and then I decided it was time for new dog beds (see posts below) So I didn't get home until almost 10pm.

So today I have a hair appointment at 5pm, because my Saturday appointment got cancelled as my hairstylist had an allergic reaction to something. So I didn't do my hair today, pulled the top half back and flipped out the ends that were left down in the back. Plus I am breaking the "no white" after labor day rule, which everyone says is no longer.... but I am not so sure. I am just plain OUT Of clean laundry. Completely. Can't wear jeans to work, and all my dress pants are dirty. I even already wore my island print Tommy Hilfigers. It was either Capri pants or white peasant skirt today. So I have on my white hippy skirt, white tennis shoes, and a peach babydoll/peasant top with matching jewelry... and a white cotton cardigan. It floats pretty well in a workplace where the nurses wear scrubs and or/white jackets.... so I don't look out of place. But get me out in the real world and people would probably think strangely of me. Oh well. It's either that or my underwear.

My cafe press order came today, I bought my own "dazed" merchandise, which basically means I bought shirts that I designed myself, that advertise my website and blog. I am excited, but I haven't opened them yet. I will do that right now.... Pause for the excitement..... Oh. Cool! The front I like a little better than the back. For some reason the colors aren't done justice as much.... but the black text and graphics look great. I will have to post pictures. I got half of my order, I bought a GIANT hooded sweatshirt, a size too large so that I can snuggle in it. Plus our damn gas dryer shrinks everything. I hate that thing. I am going to buy Anya's electric dryer, it's new and still under warranty. I don't want to buy a whirlpool, but hers might be Maytag. Plus if you figure I am not paying whirlpool the money, it's not breaking my promise/threat to never support them again. (ask PG about this one, it's his theory not mine)
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