Friday, December 02, 2005

House Progress, Freezer Progress, and Shoulder Injury.

Somehow, I hurt my shoulder/neck area. I woke up with the "pinch" where if you turn your head you get the pinch and screaming pain in your neck... but mine was sort of in the neck/shoulder area, especially along the back of the shoulder. YeOW! Fortunately I work somewhere that there are Physical Therapists who are all friendly and my friends, and my friend Anya is a CMT, although out on maternity leave at the moment. So I asked them to look at me, and sure enough, they were able to (with a few rubs here, a push there, and a spray of water) make the pinch go away, although it is now replaced by soreness and such. But the worst was that whenever I would get the pinch, and sometimes between the pinch, I would feel suddenly hot all over and then kind of nauseous and lightheaded. It was not pleasant and I hadn't had that before with a pinch. So the PT fixed me right up, and I now have some biofreeze samples and a towel rolled up in my lumbar area between my back and my 1967 brown office chair which is NOT ergonomic. I hate that. How can a place of business not afford to provide employees with ergonomically correct work areas? No wonder we feel busted ass at the end of the day.

As for the house- today the walls and ceiling are being primed, then the ceiling painted and two of the walls painted. Then this weekend my mom and I need to paint the two walls with a Tuscan top coat to get the tuscany finish, and the freezer is FINALLY being delivered tomorrow, thanks to Bill and Mike at Sears in Peru. But that means I had to call home and ask them to please wire up a new outlet in the basement before they leave for the day, because we will be moving the freezer to a different location now that it is an upright. So that means that tonight we need to move the foosball table, and I also need to go to a Lowe's to get the directions for the Tuscan paint since I lost it in all the moving around.... and also to get an extra gallon of one of the colors.

I called home to talk to Evan but apparently men can NOT multi-task (and by multitask I mean sit on the toilet and talk on the phone at the same time) but a co-worker says that her hubbie is the same way, so it must be a man thing.

I can't even pee without an audience of dogs or husband, so I am used to it I guess. Just breaking me in for kids someday.
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